[NEWS] SISTAR and SHINee’s Minho attend ‘2011 KBL All-Star Game’

America’s ‘NBA All-Star‘ weekend is just less than a month away, but Korea’s already kicked off their ‘2010-2011 KBL All-Star game‘ this weekend with a touch of K-Pop glamor to boot!

The KBS All-Star game invited popular girl group SISTAR as performing artists during the half-time interval, and SISTAR Bora also attempted a dunk as a pre-game opener. Meanwhile, SHINee’s Minhowas also spotted amongst the crowd.

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[NEWS] SHINee’s Onew sheds tears during SBS’s “Battle of Star Couples”

SHINee’s Onew shed tears during a SBS New Year’s special broadcast.

During SBS New Year’s special program, ‘Battle of Star Couples,’ Onew suddenly showed tears while participating in the third round of a corner called ‘Bolbulok (Chance) Eating Table.’

This corner involved star couples randomly choosing different kinds of foods and finding out their new year’s fortunes through it. The rules of the game in this corner asks for the couple to choose two food dishes; if they choose a normal food out of the two dishes, they win, but if they do not, they will be punished by being forced to eat a food that is hard to endure.

Onew was nicknamed ‘Endurance Onew’ for nonchalantly eating dishes that were hard to eat. Furthermore, Onew started shedding tears while eating rice cakes and caused everyone to be confused over whether or not he acted out the tears or actually ate very spicy rice cakes.

On this day, it was said that not only Onew, but all the idol guests showed incredible acting skills to the point where even the MCs who already knew the answers became confused.

Meanwhile, the truth behind endurance Onew’s tears can be found out through viewing ‘Battle of Star Couples’ on February 3rd.

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[NEWS] SHINee and more fight over the title, “King of Idols”

2PM, SHINee, Super Junior, Big Bang, KARA, After School, f(x), and other top idol groups have flown to Pattaya, Thailand!

For the upcoming Lunar New Wear, SBS has filmed its New Year’s Special, “King of Idols“, in Pattaya. In “King of Idols”, the idols get to pick the the idol King and Queen through various games.

Also in the broadcast, the idols’ unique airport fashion is revealed, everything from the “dandy English boy look” to the “no-bottom look” that’s getting quite popular.

After School’s UEE, who was a competitive swimmer throughout high school, also reveals her fantastic freestyle and swimming turns, and her dives and mermaid-like swimming techniques have gotten praises from everyone.

“King of Idols” starts by capturing the idols’ airport fashion, and reveals bare faces, private talks, and dance battles, while airing the breathtakingly competitive games and never-before-seen sides of the idols.

Looks like we’re all going to have a quite exciting Lunar New Year!

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[NEWS] 110131 “Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championship” reveals confirmed stars for swimming segment

MBC’s Lunar New Year special, “Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships,” revealed their confirmed cast list for the swimming segment of their program.

The segment was recorded at the indoor Ilsan swimming pool on January 30th. The female division saw stars like 4minute’s Gayoon, T-ara’s Hwayoung, Nine Muses‘ Eunji and Lee Saem, SISTAR’sDasom, Dal Shabet’s Jiyul, Girl’s Day’s Yura and Minah, LPG’s Semi, Rainbow’s Jaekyung,Woori, and Seung Ah, An Jin Kyung, and NS Yoonji race down the lanes.

The male division saw SHINee’s Minho, 2AM’s Seulong, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Dalmatian’s Daniel,INFINITE’s Woohyun and Seong Yeol, ZE:A’s Dongjun, Siwan, and Heechul, U-KISS’s Soohyunand Eli, TOUCH’s Young Hoon, Teen Top’s Niel, Lee Jang Woo, Son Ho Young, Ha Min Kwan, Kim Kyung Jin, and Marco.

Members from every team were present in support of the contestants. The recording was completely closed to the press, however, due to the controversy surrounding the segment’s potentially sexually suggestive nature. Some had felt that the swimsuits worn by the female idols could be too much for younger viewers.

MBC had responded to the issue by assuring that the contestants would wear swimsuits adhering to regulations. Sports Chosun revealed that the ladies wore black one-piece suits with shorts, while the men wore tight legging-type swim pants, along with a tank top.

A gold medalist from the 2010 Guangzhau Asian Games, Jung Darae, also made a special appearance. Speaking of special appearances, managers on-set revealed that After School’s UEE was unable to attend, despite her enthusiasm for the event.

Check out the list of stars for the athletics portion here. The program is scheduled for broadcast February 5th and 6th.

Source + Photos: Everyday Economy, Sports Chosun via Daum (1) (2)
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[News] 110131 Idols team up for “Idol 7080” and will air February 2nd

Actor Lee Teokhwa and Clazziquai’s Horan have been chosen as the host of MBC New Year Special program ‘Idol 7080′

‘Idol 7080′ PD Lee Heungwoo said on the 20th: “Lee Teokhwa and Horan are appointed as the hosts”

PD Lee Heungwoo said: “In this Lunar New Year Special episode, we can see a family of the whole generation from the MCs and the guests selected. This reformed 7080 (70s, 80s generations) evokes nostalgia, singer Horan’s music is excellent and fit for the purpose of this program.

‘Idol 7080′ is the tittle of an open program dedicated to 70s, 80s generation idols’ songs .

Im Baekcheon and In Soongin, Yoo Heeyeol, Jeon Youngrok serve as the judges of this program.

Moreover, SHINee and MissA, Sistar, Secret, FT Island, 4Minute, Brown Eyed Girls, MBLAQ, JekukIdol, F(x) Luna and Alex, Super Junior Yesung, After School, ‘Bouquet’* team Sooknyeoshidae the total of 14 teams will have a song battle.

The PD said: “Great idol stars of the 2010 generation appeared to sing in memory of the 70s, 80s songs. Idols and the parents** can enjoy together with mutual understanding, that’s the purpose of this program. Nowadays, the combination of the most trendy idols and 70s, 80s music gives off different feeling”.

‘Idol 7080′ was recorded on January 20th, Ilsan dream Center and will be aired on February 2nd, at 6PM. The show will last for 95 minutes.

*: The ‘Bouquet’ team, I assume that it is the team in MBC program: ‘Bouquet’
**: not idols’ parents but referring to the ‘older generation’ in general.

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[ENG] 110130 Jonghyun’s UFO Replies

Fan: I went for fortune telling with the 8-characters of Jinki oppa and mine and it turned out we are suitable for marriage haha. Oppa, you must treat me well!
Jjong: Huh??

Fan: Jjong, what are you doing recently?! Miss you so much~
Jjong: Hehe, I’m lying down

Fan: UFO is here! Please reply fast!
Jjong: Haha, reply

Fan: I want to marry oppa when I grow up ^^
Jjong: Haha, is it possible?

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