[PIC+TRANS] 110331 Onew’s Me2Day Update


[Onew] Hello ^^ Our Sunday noona! Heard that you will challenge a musical ^^ An “Opera” event? Haha~ it should be the content~ I think it would be a good product (music) that will make people cry a lot~ Actually I’ve tried before~ But anyway~ I want to support our Sunday noona! Opera star~ Sunday noona fighting~!

Source: Onew’s Me2Day
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[NEWS] 110331 2010 Korea’s Best ‘Eye-Smile’ Male Ranking

1. FTISLAND Lee HongKi 5.9% (3,760 votes)
2. 2PM Nichkhun 5.7% (3,623 votes)
3. Super Junior DongHae 4.8% (3,097 votes)
4. CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa 4.7% (3,010 votes)
5. Super Junior Leeteuk 4.6% (2,937 votes)
6. Jang Geun Suk 4% (2,535 votes)
7. Super Junior Lee Sung Min 3.5% (2,257 votes)
8. SS501 Kim Hyun Joong 3.2% (2,072 votes)
9. SHINee Onew 3.2% (2,038 votes)
10. Big Bang G-Dragon 3.2% (2,049 votes)
11. Super Junior Kibum 2.9% (1,839 votes)
12. Kim Bum 2.8% (1,827 votes)**
13. Big Bang Taeyang 2.5% (1,602 votes)
14. CNBLUE Kang MinHyuk 2.5% (1,629 votes)
15. SHINee Taemin 2.5% (1,606 votes)
16. 2AM Jinwoon 2.4% (1,528 votes)
17. Super Junior Kangin 2.3% (1,459 votes)
18. 2AM JoKwon *% (1,387 votes)
19. Big Bang Daesang *% (1,431 votes)
20. 2PM Junho 2% (1,257 votes)
21. FTISLAND Choi Min Hwan 2% (1,307 votes)
22. BEAST Kikwang 1.9% (1,215 votes)
23. BEAST Yoseop 1.9% (1,216 votes)
24. Rain 1.9% (1,197 votes)
25. Super Junior-M Henry 1.8% (1,151 votes)
26. MBLAQ Lee Joon 1.8% (1,150 votes)
27. 2PM Taecyeon 1.7% (1,102 votes)
28. SS501 Park Jung Min 1.7% (1,100 votes)
29. 2PM Junsu 1.6% (1,002 votes)
30. SS501 Kim Hyung Jun 1.6% (997 votes)
31. SHINee Minho 1.5% (976 votes)
32. MBLAQ Thunder 1.4% (904 votes)
33. MBLAQ Mir 1.3% (852 votes)
34. SS501 Heo Young Saeng 1.3% (804 votes)
35. DBSK Yunho 1.3% (830 votes)
36. Lee MinHo 1.3% (842 votes)
37. Lee Seung Gi 1.2% (748 votes)
38. U-Kiss Kevin 1.2% (791 votes)
39. U-Kiss DongHo 1.1% (730 votes)
40. Lee JunKi 1.1% (705 votes)
41. DBSK Kim Junsu 1.1% (715 votes)
42. DBSK Changmin 1% (452 votes)
43. Yoo Seung Ho 1% (390 votes)

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[ENG] 110331 Noonas going crazy for Onew


While they talk about Lyn’s song “Noona’s song”.
EunHee : Something like “Onew~ I like you~”
SooYoung : Onew~ Onew~

EunHee : A fan asked “I know you are good at singing ballad, but I wonder if you have any plan for dance music like ‘My ear’s candy’ with a male idol?”
A guest : You are good at dance. I’ve seen you dancing to 2NE1.
SooYoung : I’ve been considering doing it for an event.
EunHee : So, who you want to do it with?
SooYoung : oh, with who? Well, I…..
A guest : You suddenly look so bright.
(Everyone laughing~)
SooYoung : Well,…….. My only love Onew.
A guest : Ah~ You like Onew~
SooYoung : I feel relieved after seeing his smile. Really. When he said “Noona~”, I was like annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng!!! (0:53 so like me…ㅋㅋ)
A guest : I envy you.
A guest : Got ya when you were ‘annnnnnng!’.
SooYoung : I feel like I could do anything.
A guest : I envy you are called ‘Noona’, being a senior in k-pop industry.
SooYoung : Yes, he couldn’t have called me ‘Noona’ if we didn’t have that relationship.

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[NEWS] Insooni delivers a sassy cover of SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong”

Just because Insooni is a veteran singer doesn’t mean that she can’t enjoy new K-pop!

On the March 25th episode of KBS’s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,’ Insooni performed SHINee’s ‘Ring Ding Dong,’ surprising not only the audience, but the host as well.

Insooni said, “It was hard to do something that takes five people to do, but I always want to challenge myself when I see the audience cheering me on.”

Everyone was amazed that someone in her fifties could pull off all the singing and dancing required for an idol song. Not only that, but she even managed to introduce her own swag to the cover!

Insooni laughed, “I’m most comfortable with ‘Open Music Concert’ because I’ve been performing for it since I was young, but when I got a request to appear on ‘Sketchbook’, I was very happy. It’s because I can sing while connecting and making eye contact with the audience.

Meanwhile, Insooni is currently promoting her dance song, ‘Uppercut.’

Check out the awesome cover here!

Source: Xports News via Nate

Credits: Allkpop

[NEWS] SHINee’s Key teases that they are working on a new album

With many artists who were to perform or debut in Japan switching to Korean comebacks in light of the disasters there, SHINee maybe one of the many to follow suit.

The March 29th episode of ‘Love Pursuer’ had member Key giving a message to his grandmother, where he revealed that they were working on a new album. With their Japanese debut postponed, the album could likely be their Korean comeback album. You can view the clip of him saying this below.

Despite their debut status in the Japanese market being unknown, SHINee will be performing in Japan in May as part of a benefit concert to help out the country.

Are you excited about the possibility of a new Korean album?

Source: MTVK and gyapower07

Credits: Koreaboo

[ENG] 110330 Key’s Me2day Update

[Key] 하하! 날씨 좋습니다! 언능 만나고 싶군요… 아! 맞다~ 제가 너무 좋아하는 선데이누나가 출연하는 ‘오페라스타’ 많이 시청 바랍니다! 저도 너무너무 기대를 많이 하고 있는데요, 여러분도 응원 많이 보내주세요 ‘_’


[Key] haha! The weather is very good! Really feel like meeting every fast ah~ oh ya! i wish that everyone could watch my favorite ‘Sunday sister’ performance for opera star! I am looking forward to it! Hope that everyone can give your support! ‘_’

Credit: SHINee’s me2day
Chinese trans: baidu/sina t
Eng Trans: Forever_shinee 5th admin
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