[ENG] 110331 Noonas going crazy for Onew


While they talk about Lyn’s song “Noona’s song”.
EunHee : Something like “Onew~ I like you~”
SooYoung : Onew~ Onew~

EunHee : A fan asked “I know you are good at singing ballad, but I wonder if you have any plan for dance music like ‘My ear’s candy’ with a male idol?”
A guest : You are good at dance. I’ve seen you dancing to 2NE1.
SooYoung : I’ve been considering doing it for an event.
EunHee : So, who you want to do it with?
SooYoung : oh, with who? Well, I…..
A guest : You suddenly look so bright.
(Everyone laughing~)
SooYoung : Well,…….. My only love Onew.
A guest : Ah~ You like Onew~
SooYoung : I feel relieved after seeing his smile. Really. When he said “Noona~”, I was like annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng!!! (0:53 so like me…ㅋㅋ)
A guest : I envy you.
A guest : Got ya when you were ‘annnnnnng!’.
SooYoung : I feel like I could do anything.
A guest : I envy you are called ‘Noona’, being a senior in k-pop industry.
SooYoung : Yes, he couldn’t have called me ‘Noona’ if we didn’t have that relationship.

Credits: iamaprilahn

Shared by: Forever_SHINee

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