[PICS] 110530 Jonghyun and his lollipop

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[FAN ACCOUNT] 110529 SHINee Dream concert

We ran into Yunho again in the lobby , who was walking back and forth with his stage outfit on, and then almost straight into a young, short and perfect guy. TAEMIN. Taemin. WE DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO WRITE! Suddenly he’s standing there, extremely close, talking and playing with a couple of dancers. He had his stage outfit on, smiling happily and beautifully. When he sees that the lobby has started to fill up with foreign cover dancers he disappears into his changing room quickly without any exchanges in greetings, but still, we smiled happily. 
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It is difficult to know where we should begin this post. There’s so much we’d like to tell about that everything is turning into a mess inside our heads. So we danced covers at Dream Concert and spent Friday night and the whole day on Saturday at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul. We saw a lot of stars face to face. The most important moments, not counting standing on stage in front of full stadium of cheering people, are:

We rehearsed on stage for the first time Friday evening. When we were finished rehearsing we went off stage and met U-Kiss standing on the grass in front of the stage. Dongho bowed politely and curiously. Instinctively we bowed in response. Eli said “Hi guys!” happily and we mumbled in response. It feels strange yet not as strange as you would imagine it.
When we’ve passed them we see another group of young men in the distance on the lawn: BEAST!!! We stand firmly in our place and stare at them. Some of them stare back at us, now everything feels extremely weird, Doojoon is mostly looking. Johanna has never really found him interesting but it’s a bit like when we saw Yonghwa, unexpectedly star struck. Doojoon is simply really good looking irl, less manly but at the same time not a young boy. Eh well, all the members of BEAST were very good looking, well-cut and well-dressed with glowing skin. We suspect that their company has given them a successful beauty treatment recently, they haven’t been this good looking in fancams and bts, right? Later they walk past us in the hall way extremely close without make up. Others in our group have more courage to react more as fan girls than us, and the members of BEAST hurry nervously past us. The only one taking it easy is Junhyung. He walks past us slowly while texting without seeming stressed by the fangirls ready to jump him. He looks perfect. Perfect but very young.
Afterwards we head for the dressing room to try on our clothes. 5Dolls is standing in there. They look at us but not, hm, as polite and nice as others. The following day they stand by the stage when we are about to perform. Maybe they were tired the day before sine they now cheerfully said hwaiting with us. On the way out from the dressing room we meet all the members of Kara, just like that passing us, and again we stare.

We arrive early in on Saturday morning at the stadium. During the day we rehearse and see all the rehearsals. Just like we wrote yesterday (an earlier post on their blog), some we saw from afar, some up close (depending on how and where we had to rehearse). The for us most overturning close performance was by 2PM. They had caps on to cover their faces from the sun, and possibly fancams since they had no makeup on and were pale. We are by this point sitting with like 30 other people and watching them perform. They are very professional and holding back despite this being a dress rehearsal. Taecyeon wore his cap backwards. Him, Junho and Chansung are mostly looking at us and performing as if we were a real audience. Nichkun is mostly hiding behind his cap and holding back but nod and smile to us before stepping off the stage. We think Nichkun is over worked and sick, he being as pale as he was almost made us worried. Over all the whole day already felt surreal that 2PM’s presence, or the fact that F.T. Island’s Hongki sat behind Elin and waited for his turn to rehearse, didn’t make us as dizzy as you would expect us to be.

But when Changmin and Yunho appeared by the stage our heads got really messy. One of our leaders said we could sit and watch while they perform, but he changed his mind. Unfortunately we missed their rehearsal since we had to rehearse on stage after them, and we were told to backstage when they were about to sing. We stood in a row backstage when F.T. Island stressfully hurry past us (happy, curious and greeting us) and we can hear Changmin and Yunho sing in the background. When they’re done rehearsing THEY EXIT THE STAGE RIGHT WHERE WE ARE STANDING. They walk 10 cm from us. Changmin is looking professionally at us one by one, nodding and saying annyeonghaseyo! Then Yunho comes down the steps. He’s a bit more stressed but smiles politely.

One funny thing was us constantly bumping into U-Kiss! In the end it was almost as if we knew them. Kevin started to get happy to see us and was totally “HI!” every time we met them. We stood surrounded by a really happy U-Kiss who were shouting hwaiting and encouraging us when we were about to perform. Elin did a small private hwaiting with Kiseop and Johanna had a hand-sign language conversation with Eli. They kinda stopped being k-pop stars and became a happy group of guys hanging by, and on, the stage.

After our performance and giving the hosts (Kara’s Goo Hara, Suju’s Kim Heechul and Song Joongki) a round of applause, we got to watch the concert after some fussing. On the way out Elin managed to hysterically, and a bit embarrassingly, explain to a guard that we were indeed allowed to enter the area. Next to us during the English/Korean conversation stood a group of really thin girls dressed in red outfits that we were too stressed to look at closely, but right before we are allowed in we realized it’s T-ara.

We ran into Yunho again in the lobby , who was walking back and forth with his stage outfit on, and then almost straight into a young, short and perfect guy. TAEMIN. Taemin. WE DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO WRITE! Suddenly he’s standing there, extremely close, talking and playing with a couple of dancers. He had his stage outfit on, smiling happily and beautifully. When he sees that the lobby has started to fill up with foreign cover dancers he disappears into his changing room quickly without any exchanges in greetings, but still, we smiled happily. 

OK. That was backstage. Kinda. In conclusion: BEAST, HoMin and Taemin = the most stars strucked effect on us. And we are sure we’ve missed something important (like Eru staring at Johanna because he probably recognized her from the Music Core audience). We’ll return shortly with the concert

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[TRANS] 110529 SHINee for B-Pass Magazine

Q1. Please tell us the point of SHINee’s major debut single ” Replay”. 

Taemin: The individuality of member who shows it by acting. I  want you to hear the difference between the Korean version of “Replay”  and now, the Japanese version.

Jonghyun: Please pay attention to Shoujo Jidai’s Yoona collaboration episode of each members.

Minho: I want you to see the last part of the Music video which all 5 of us are together, the part of rap and ad-lib.

Key: I’ll be glad if everybody will think that this song is  for each and everyone’s. The dance in our Music Video “Replay”, And also  please pay attention to my acting who is dreaming of becoming a fashion  designer.

Onew: Please pay attention of each and everyone’s acting scene’s expressing emotions.

Q2. Japanese foods you want to eat and the places you want to visit.

Taemin: Unagi-don (bowl of eel and rice), different kinds of  bento *laughs*, Tokyo’s Shibuya, Harajuku. I also want to visit Sapporo.

Jonghyun: Unagi-don, It was very delicious.

Minho: Because I love ramen, I want to eat different kinds of  ramen. A lot of good memories were made when we visited Sapporo’s Snow  Festival Event last year so I want to visit there again.

Key: Ramen and Odaiba, Donki-hote? *laughs*

Onew: Hitsumabushi (Nagoya’s style eel on rice), Tebasaki ( seasoned deep-fried chicken wings). Disneyland and Tokyo Tower.

Q3. Please let us know what is your goal for the second half of this year 2011.

Taemin: Before I turn 20 years old, I want to make my character as “Taemin” firmly.  I want everybody to admit my abilities.

Jonghyun: I want to become good in playing the guitar.

Minho: I want to meet a lot of people in Japan as well as  experiencing different kind of stages. I want everybody to admit my  abilities.

Key: Be merrily and live your life hard *laughs*

Onew: I want to be able to talk in Japanese.

Q4. How do you express your character in a single phrase? also, please compare yourself to an animal!

Taemin: My character is very positive but i think I’m a little greedy? Dolphin.

Jonghyun: Frank and mischievous style? a raccoon?

Minho: For one syllable it’s “flame”. It get’s exited and also  it’s easy to cool. I think if I compare myself to an animal, it’s  Ostrich?

Key: I think I’m a honest and cheerful person. A fox ( people  often said I look like a fox, I really don’t know if it’s my appearance  or actually I look like a fox)

Onew: I think I’m a warm and gentle person. A Rabbit.

Q5. Please tell us what are you into nowadays.

Taemin: I’m addicted to J-POP. For example J-POP’s unique melody and painful ballad.

Jonghyun: Studying Japanese (I’m trying to watch Anime to learn Japanese)

Minho: Studying Japanese and watching Japanese dramas. And also games ( winning eleven)

Key: Studying Japanese, Exercising, Practice singing.

Onew: I’m interested in different types of genres. I’m looking and listening to it.

Q6. Please give a message for B-Pass readers! 

Taemin: Everybody, Hello. I’m SHINee’s youngest Taemin. From  now on, please look forward of us SHINee. We will be coming to meet you  soon so please wait a little! and also, take care of your health and  don’t catch the cold ~

Jonghyun: Since we announced last year at our Japan concert,  all of us members are very exited and looking forward of our Japanese  debut. Our debut single “Replay” will be release on June 22. From now on  we will do our best and please look forward of SHINee!

Minho: Because of all the fans who keep on supporting us, our  debut was decided. I’m truly grateful. We are still beginning so we  should not forget that we are still a beginners. We will work hard  throughly and do our best for the fans who keep on supporting us. From  now on, please look forward of SHINee and let’s meet in Japan!

Key: Japanese fans always support us warmly so from now on we  are more and more excited of our Japanese debut. We will be show you  only SHINee’s style of song and performance so please look forward of  us!

Onew: From now on we will be debuting in Japan. To the extent  that we are expecting, honestly we are a little nervous but Japanese  fans always support us so it’s really heartening. We really thanked you  for supporting us! To answer the fans support, we will do our best so  please look forward to us!

Source and English translation: winkme @ soompi shinee thread

[TRANS] 110530 SHINee Interview on Asian Place July 2011 – Part 2

<We had a feeling of new start while filming the MV>

– Your debut song Replay is the Japanese version of your song released in Korea in 2008. How did you feel singing it again in Japanese?

Onew: I think we find its charm again and again every time we listen to it. The charm doesn’t change even when we sing it in Japanese.

Jonghyun: That’s why the song is titled Replay (laugh).

Onew: Right! Once you listen to it, you can’t get out of it.

– The song conveys this feeling of being sorry because she doesn’t know your heart, feeling tender toward her, and feeling true affection. What did you pay attention to when your recorded it?

Jonghyun: First, I paid attention to Japanese pronunciations. I was very worried if I couldn’t deliver the lyrics well, so I checked with our Japanese teacher and Japanese staff while recording. It was our first time recording in Japanese, so frankly I didn’t know how Japanese emotion is different from Korean, but I tried to express the feelings.

Onew: I tried to express the feeling of fluttering heart.

Key: Because we had to express feelings in a different language, I tried to make it sound as natural as possible. I recorded it checking on my pronunciations with Japanese staff.

Minho: It has a different feel from the Korean version we have sung for 3 years, so it wasn’t easy, but I tried to express the feelings.

Taemin: In the Japanese lyrics, we are more matured, so I sang in a lower and stronger voice to express it.

– I see it is so touching because of such efforts. What part is your favorite?

Onew: I like the part “Replay Replay” as in the title.

Minho: I also like the part and all of it.

Jonghyun: The last bridge part.

Key: The ending part with each member’s adlibs. The rap and Taemin’s dance part.

Taemin: Thanks (laugh). I like the intro part.

– The Replay M/V is on the DVD. Did you have any impressive episodes while filming it?

Jonghyun: A special technique was used for this m/v.

Taemin: Yes, some parts were shot with a matrix camera.

Minho: The matrix was used for my and Taemin’s parts. It was very interesting. It was our first time filming a music video in Japanese, so we had a hard time in close-up scenes showing our lips. The member who made many mistakes is…

Jonghyun: Isn’t it Taemin?

Taemin: Uh, me? But I tried hard (laugh). We filmed in Paju, Korea, the same place we filmed the m/v for our Korean debut single Noona Is So Pretty, so it was more meaningful.

Onew: Right. We were deeply moved because we filmed the m/v for our Japanese debut single in the same place where we filmed our first m/v. I felt we are making a new start.

-What memories do you have of the year 2008 when you released this song in Korea?

Key: I still remember I practiced this song with members until early morning hours.

Jonghyun: we practiced all day. I still remember how hard we practiced.

– Tell me what impression you had when you listened to the couple song Hello, and what you like most.

Jonghyun: It was a calm and warm song. And the first thought that came to my mind when I listened to this song first time was “Ah, this song is really difficult” because we’d have to sing it (laugh).

Minho: I thought the beat was very new and interesting.

Taemin: It has a light feel and matches the lyrics very well.

– Say your goodbye messages to Japanese fans.

Onew: Please, cheer for us as we are debuting in Japan. There are many people who suffered from the earthquake. We will be happy to be of help with our songs and performances. We’ll do our best.

Key: We are all looking forward to our debut in Japan. We are studying Japanese for our debut. We’d like to show our SHINee-like music and performance to Japanese fans as soon as possible. Please, cheer for us.

Taemin: We’re now at the change of seasons, so take care not to catch a cold! See you in Japan!

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English Trans by jujugal

[NEWS] 110530 Did SHINee’s Taemin get a nose job?

SHINee recently performed at Dream Concert 2011 and sharp-eyed netizens noticed something different with Taemin’s nose.

Fans compared pictures taken at the concert to his photos from the past and noted a difference in the shape and slope of his nose. Some netizens commented that the difference comes from Taemin’s makeup and camera angle, while others think that Taemin had gotten an injection.

Check out the comparison below – do you think anything was done to Taemin’s nose?

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