[NEWS] SHINee’s Japanese version of “Juliette” revealed

Recently, we reported that SHINee would release the Japanese version of their song “Juliette.” SHINee has been putting off any album releases or promotions in Korea to start their work in Japan. Recently, they debuted their with the Japanese version of their song “Replay” in Japan. With the song that had stolen the hearts of many noonas (girls older than the guy who calls them noona), they have started to get a steady stream of Japanese fans.

After “Replay,” they planned on releasing the next song “Juliette,” another song that became a hit in Korea. It is directed towards a female listener, the “Juliette” of their dreams. This full audio has been leaked so listeners can get their first taste of what this song is like in Japanese.

Check out “Juliette” in Japanese, below!

Source: Youlahaha5

Credits: Koreaboo


[TRANS] 110731 Korean Men’s Reaction to ‘Onew is Popular Among Women’

I translated some comments from postings related to Onew’s popularity from BULLPEN,
one of the biggest communities that Korean men usually talk about anything casually.

The posting titles are usually,
‘i don’t understand why Onew is loved by so many girls’,
‘The most popular member in each group I don’t understand.’,
‘How girls think about Onew is same as how we think about Taeyeon.’ etc etc. LOL
(I’m not joking this kind of subject has been discussed in so many communities for years.)
They rarely bring up male idols, but sometimes they do talk about them.

It’s a bit long, but hope you enjoy and get an idea how Korean men think about him.
(I am sure there are some comments made by women too, but mostly by guys.)

– His face isn’t something unique or special, but for what many people say about him,
he must have his own charm to be that popular.

– For women using the internet a lot, it’s impossible not to know Onew.
In Internet communities like daum cafes and Bestiz where are mostly for women,
so many of them pick him as their ideal type, seriously.
I think many people already know he is the most popular member too. ㅋㅋ
I have lots of female friends in my university talking that they like him.
By what I’ve heard, I think I’ll start to like him too. ㅋㅋ

– Onew.. I think he’s cute but has an ordinary face, ordinary dongsaeng image?

– Just think about why IU is popular. Onew’s popularity is same as hers, cute dongsaeng image.

– Isn’t he the typical ‘Hun-Nam (heartwarming man)’ type man?
I absolutely understand why he is popular.
If I were to look like him, I would uplod my picture to brag on here everyday..

– Asking ‘Why Onew is popular? I don’t get it.’ is same as
‘Why are Taeyeon and Suzy so popular? Why do men think they are pretty?
They just look so average.’.

– He looks cute when he especially smiles, but he isn’t that good looking.

– He has a cute dongsaeng image, but I heard he’s the most popular member.
When I watched SM Concert in Paris on TV,
it seemed he was also popular among western girls, was surprising.

– I first thought, ‘Onew is an idol means anyone can be idol.’,
but he was just ‘The-more-I-look-the-more-I-get-interested-in’ type. Hard to get bored of him.
He can be also loved by international fans who love typical Asian man looking.
He sings well, behaves in an exemplary manner, and is tidy.
Most importantly he’s one of those who have the most beautiful voices.
In a way, he also has a good sense of humor. That’s why he’s popular, I guess?

– It’s because Onew seems very good-natured, and importantly he doesn’t have double eyelid.

– It seems Onew’s attractive, but a bit ordinary.

– I think I like Onew because of his attitude.

– Onew isn’t the only popular idol having an oridinary face,
but also JYJ’s Junsu, Wooyoung and Yoseob.

– People think ‘Hun-Nam (heartwarming man)’ is only loved in the music industry,
but it isn’t true, look at those popular actors, they aren’t also that good looking, just ‘Hun-Nam’.

– He has a very ordinary face, but because of his image, soft, good-natured and good-mannered,
girls love him, I think.

– Onew has 2 different charms at one go, most girls say.
Just think about what type of woman men love.
We love women looking pure and having a calm face. It’s the same.

– In idol fandoms, the most popular members are usually
who sing well and funny on variety shows. That’s why.
But even so, I personally don’t understand why he’s popular, don’t women love ‘a bad boy’?
He behaves extremely nice and polite that women never get interested in,
not a bad guy at all I thought, but I was wrong.

– Since I got interested in male idols, I’ve been mostly surprised at Onew, Wooyoung, Yoseob,
who are the most popular members in their fandoms.
It was hard to understand as a man, but I kind of get why now
They are all cute and having familiar lookings like ‘The Boy Next Door’.

– It’s like, the more girls look at Onew, the more they find his endless charm.
You know he looks good-hearted, gentle and neat having a Hun-Nam dongsaeng image.
I personally don’t like a woman or man having a boringly beautiful face,
so I think he’s good looking to me.

– It seems men usually say Onew isn’t that good looking,
but with having no double eyelid, he’s handsome.

– If I were a girl, I would ask him to go out..

– As a matter of fact, it’s the same case as how men look at Taeyeon and IU.
I think Onew gives most people a good impression because of his smile and personality.

– Onew isn’t average good looking guy, but girls love the kind of look.
By the way, he’s the most popular member, right?

– I heard his nickname is ‘Dubu’ because of his soft, gentle and kind image.
His voice color is also unique. I feel good when looking at his smiley face.
I definitely think he has a charm to be #1 in the fandom.

– I think he’s popular in public more than fandom.

– Hur.. Onew, Wooyoung and Junsu,
the most popular member overwhelmingly in their fandoms?
Don’t you think they aren’t good looking for being idols?

– Don’t you think Onew is cute?
As a man, what I think is he’s cute having a baby face that girls fall in love.

– Men usually love pretty and cute idols, but women usually have a wide choice of idols.
They mostly prefer who’s attractive than who looks good.

– Don’t you think Onew is definitely the one that many girls feel comfortable with?
His appearance is the general trend in the past few years.

– Many guys don’t understand why Onew is that popular,
but you know it’s the same, women would react same as us
when we tell them Taeyeon is the most popular member than Yoona and Yuri.
I think Onew is attractive, neat and good looking.
I don’t think it’s necessary to be super hansome to be popular.

– I heard Onew’s fandom is the biggest one.

– Taeyeon isn’t popular only for her look. Onew’s case is the same.

– Having a charm is more important than look for idols.

– I think Onew is also popular among female idols by what has been said on the radio and TV.
His appearance is something girls think very attractive, I think.

– I don’t know if he’s popular or not,
but only name popping up in my head when thinking of SHINee is Onew.
I think it’s because his name is unique or what?

– Girls love Onew so much because of his soft image and voice.

– Women usually like a man looking like Tofu.
(You know people started to use the term of ‘Dubu type face’ after Onew. ㅋㅋㅋ)

– I’m a man, but I agree with his soft image is very attractive..
What I know is Song-Joongki, Park-Haeil, Onew, Park-Yunchun, etc are popular among women.

– Taeyeon VS Onew
They sing well, popular in fandom, leaders, smile and do aegyo a lot on TV, actually shy in real life.
I think they are alike.

– Taeyeon and Onew are ‘=’, not ‘VS’.
I’m an active user on Bestiz and here,
so I know how they are treated by both male and female fans.

– I’m not gay, but why I get more and more into Onew every time I listen to him singing?
His voice is so good.

– How women think about Taeyeon is same as how men think about Onew.

– Is it only me, as a man, thinking he’s cute and good at aegyo?;;

– I like Onew. ㅋㅋㅋ
I noticed he was very popular when I saw him in SNSD’s Concerts.
First, he sings well and looks kind. ㅋㅋ

– He is the most popular member, I heard.

– I was surprised he was that popular..

– I talked with many ladies in their mid 20’s few days ago
and we suddenly brought up idols, SNSD, SHINee, 2PM and etc.
All of them liked Onew, I was surprised..

– It’s because Onew has everything, his look and voice that can make Noonas fulfil their fantazies.
Many female friends of mine also go crazy about him.

– I like Onew because he looks very easy-going.

– Perhaps because Onew’s look is like anyone can be comfortable with.
He isn’t that good looking, but his warm look never gives people dislike feeling on him, I think.
For such reasons, no wonder why Onew and Taeyeon are popular.

– Such a nice looking boy. I think he’s the nicest one among idols.

– He isn’t handsome like what we usually talk about ‘handsome’,
but girls might love his pure looking..

– I was so surprised at Onew is popular, but if so, there must be reasons.

– I’m a man, not gay or anything, but I like Onew the most if I have to pick one male idol. *_*

– Don’t you think Onew is cute? Don’t you think he’s super nice and soft?
I like him the most among male idols.

– He looks like a Junior-hight student. I sort of started to like him since he sang with Jessica.

– I like Onew’s voice and think his attitude is good. Who says he isn’t good looking?
He looks good, huh? I’ve heard he’s really popular. I can absolutely understand that.

– Everyone’s been saying Onew is popular and guys don’t understand that,
for years. ㅋㅋ

– In fact, Onew is the one who gets many votes as the ideal man
from women in their teens and mid 20’s overwhelmingly, but guys don’t know this.
I’ve been active in Soul Dresser, Bestize and here over recent years,
so I know whom women and men like.

– I’ve seen him on variety shows. He has a good voice and sings well.

– I like Onew. His look doesn’t wow me but his voice absolutely wow-s me.

– Onew is very likable, isn’t he? I’m not gay, but It’s strange if you don’t like his smiley face.

– I think he has a soft voice and is tender-hearted that girls go crazy about.

– Some guys still think 2PM is the number one, but Onew is the number one for individual popularity.

– I don’t know why I recently like him a lot especailly because of his unique voice?
He seems good-natured and has a nice smile. +_+
Oh, I like the songs he sang with Jessica and Kim-Yeonwoo.

– Isn’t it like he’s also popular among men?
I personally like him the most among male idols… His voice is superb.

Credit :April_Ontokki [http://onewonewonew.blogspot.com/]
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[TRANS] 110730 Key’s Me2day Update

[Key] 한국돌아갈땐 써니호타고가기로 루피랑 합의봤으니 시간이조금걸릴수도있을것같습니다:-)

[Key] I’ve made an agreement with Luffy to sail back to Korea on Sunny but seems like it might take a little more time 🙂

[Key] 🙂

Credit: me2day/shineeshinee
Translation credits: Starlight@tumblr
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[INFO] 110730 SHINee to Have Guerrilla Concert in Odaiba

Today, July 30 (Sat.) “Live – 2011 – Odaiba Alarm” suddenly decided to be starring SHINee.

Date: July 30, 2011 (Sat)
Time: OPEN 11:00 a.m. / START 11:30 a.m.
Venue: MUSIC Stadium U.S. Odaiba


Fans are in panic now as this is a sudden live appearance notice.

Someone says SHINee will perform 6 songs: RDD, Lucifer, Juliette (Korean Ver.), Replay, Hello, Stand by me.

Source: twitter; DC Shinee Gallery
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[RANDOM-INFO] 110730 A Message From SHAKIZI

*SHAKIZI is one of the SHINee’s korean main fansites

Hello, we are caspers who are responsible for administration of SHAKIZI.
SHAKIZI is an open place for international fans who love SHINee.
However, we consider that you have trouble using SHAKIZI because it is serviced by only Korean.
So, we decided to get your feedback.

You can comment or send an email to SHAKIZI’s official e-mail address about following topics.
-What should be added or improved for international fans?
-What are you looking forward to?

if you comment or send an email to us, we are going to make SHAKIZI better as much as possible.
and please tell other overseas SHINee fan forums and fan sites which know SHAKIZI or are used by lots of SHINee fans.
We are looking forward to your participation. Thank you for reading this. :D

SHAKIZI email address is shakizi@hanmail.net.

Source: shakizi [http://www.shakizi.com]
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[NEWS] 110730 SHINee and TVXQ Are Next to Top German Chart “Viva”

Two weeks ago, we reported that BEAST’s latest hit “Fiction” appeared on the “Clip Chart” of the German music channel “Viva.” On last week’s “Viva Clip Chart,” the top three spots were occupied by K-pop groups. 2NE1 took first place with “I Am The Best,” MBLAQ took second place with “Mona Lisa,” and BEAST took third place with “Fiction.”

In addition to 2NE1, MBLAQ, and BEAST, Korean groups 2PM, HITT, Block B, and Big Bang also charted last week. Chinese group Super Junior M also claimed a spot. After that, German fans set yet another goal. This week, fans wanted to get SHINee’s “Hello” and TVXQ’s “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” on top of the chart.

On July 28th, this week’s clip chart was released and it was revealed that German fans achieved their goal. SHINee took the top spot with their hit, “Hello,” and TVXQ held the second spot with “Why (Keep Your Head Down).”

Other artists that appeared on this week’s chart were 2NE1 (“I Am The Best” – #8), Girls’ Generation (“Hoot” – #10), MBLAQ (“Mona Lisa” – #18), BEAST (“Fiction” – #19), Big Bang (“Tonight” – #40), 2PM – (“Hands Up” – #46), f(x) (“Pinocchio” – #57), BEAST (“Breath” – #90), and HITT (“Good Night” – #94).

Check out SHINee and TVXQ’s chart success, below!

Source: VIVA [http://www.viva.tv/charts/viva-clip-charts-kw-30-2011-609/]
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[NEWS] 110730 SHINee Holds Fanmeeting in Tokyo

SHINee has been making their presence known lately in Japan after debuting only a month or so ago with their remake of “Replay”. On July 28 SHINee held their first fan meet event for Japanese Shawols at the Tokyo Nakano Sun Plaza. There the SHINee boys performed their Japanese debut hit “Replay” (also known as “君 は 僕 の Everything”/ “You are my Everything” in Japanese) along with three of their other popular tracks.

While there they announced to the fans their upcoming release of, “Juliette” scheduled for August 29. To which main vocalist Jong Hyun indulged the crowd by commenting on the group’s upcoming single, “It’s a song that will make your heart race.” The fan meet tour continues as the SHIN-ing idols visit other cities throughout Japan finishing up on August 11.

Here are a few photos for those not lucky enough to go.

Source: Sanspo [http://www.sanspo.com/geino/news/110729/gnh1107290505001-n1.htm]
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[NEWS] 110729 300K Audience To Attend SHINee’s Debut Event

300K Audience To Attend SHINee’s Debut Event – the Highest Number by Korean Group

Group SHINee held large scale Japanese debut events.

According to the local press, including Sankei Sports, on 29 July, SHINee had a meeting with local fans at Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo on 28 July to celebrate their debut in Japan.

SHINee performed 3 songs, including Replay. They are planning to release their second single Juliette on 29 August.

This debut event will continue until 11 August to have total 30,000 audience. It will make the record for the highest number of audience Korean artists have attracted for an overseas debut event.

Source: Star News [http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2011072908115398339&type=1&outlink=1]
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