[PICS] 111128 Onew, Key and Taemin @ Barcelona – Kakao Talk Update

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[NEWS] SHINee ‘Children of the sun’ make sensation by enter in best-selling Book chart

1. Steve Jobs (wilteo ahyijakseun, Minumsa)

2. Shut up and Politics (gimeojun, pureunsup)

3. Bakgyeongcheol rural physicians self-Revolution (bakgyeongcheol · Leaders Facebook)

4. Youth do is hurt (gimnando, ssaemaenpakeoseu)

5. Crucible (gongjiyoung, Changbi)

6. A deep-rooted trees (yijeongmyeong, Million House)

7. Heuksan (Hoon, Hakgojae)

8. Nanseolheon (choemunhui, fertility bookstores).

9. Wandeukyi (gimryeoryeong, Changbi)

10. Moderation of human taste (gimyongok, logs)

11. Mom Teaching (beopryun, sigh.)

12. Japmunjip by Haruki Murakami (Haruki Murakami, bichae)

13. The Art of War read to forty (gangsanggu, Flow Publishing)

14. Reading became a genius hongdaeri (yijiseong jeonghoeil, fertility Books)

15. Dayieoteo 2: Ch exercise adjustment period (neonbi caramel and Central Books)

16. Children of the sun (Onew Key Taemin, Woongjin Living House)

17. Crusader Story 2 (Shionomisaki Nanami, literature, neighborhood)

18. Ride jeongbongju (jeongbongju, the king’s den).

19. Moment (Douglas Kennedy, Bright World)

20. Do not live in this world and eternal happiness of the country went on purpose (woomyeong, chamchulpansa)

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[TRANS+PICS] Minho’s Me2Day Update 111126

[민호] 드디어 짧고도 길었던 콘서트가 끝났어요… 정말 잊지 못할 추억… 여러분 모두 정말 고맙고 또 고마워요^^ 우리 또 좋은 추억 만들어요~~


[Minho] The long awaited and short concert is finally over…it’s really an unforgetable memory…It’s really all thanks to all of you, really thank you^^ We have to make more memorable memories~~

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Korean-Chinese Translation by: MrSHINee闪耀纪年
Chinese-English Translation: Mrs.Minho

[PIC] 251111 SHINee Japan Mobile website updated

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At last, we were able to finish the final SHINeeWorld.
To, the all of the many fans that have supported us, and all of the staff involved and above all, everyone reading this on the fansite!
Truly thank you!
The okonomiyaki [1] is delicious too, Osaka’s is the best~ ♪

Well then. Let’s make sure we meet at the next live`

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At last, it is the final SHINee WORLD concert in Japan!
SHINee members have also been giving it their best!

This is Minho, at the backstage, signing on the Tshirt which we will be giving out to one of the fansite members through a lottery draw.
(Winner’s Details for the present will be contacted again on the site.)

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