[Trans] Songs of the Sun (Barcelona) – Onew learns how to cook the spanish dish ‘paella’!

Onew: Jordi! Among Spanish foods, which one is the most popular?

Jordi: There are a lots kind of it, every location is different and variety, but among of it, if I have to choose which one is the most well-known food, I don’t think it would be Paella, most of Spanish people spent their weekend with their family having paella for their main menu. It’s easy to make, and can serve for quite lot of portion so it’s good to eat.




Onew: Paella? Right! I really wanted to it that! Where is the place that has the most delicious one?




Jordi: There are a lot of popular Paella restaurants, um, but it’s ridiculously expensive and glossy restaurants are so many here… so I prefer to make it at my house?




Onew: Really? I’m fine with it but, is that okay?




Jordi: Yes! You want to learn making it once? It’s very simple! It’s a lot cheaper to make it at home.




Ex!ci!ted! Fyi, Jordi’s job is a chef at a hotel restaurant. I can learn about spain’s traditional food personally with the chef. Before Jordi’s heart changed we went home from picnic we did earlier. Jordi’s family live in a very common Barcelona apartment in 5th level that has elevator, which its door has to be opened by hands. The building looks ordinary, but their whole house is never ordinary. Jordi and Natallia’s simple room, Compared to a new bought buildings, it’s like a house which can stand out a new reformed sense even with just piece of personal paintings and small furnitures. Jordi and Natallia met each other and fell in love at their friend’s birthday party, they gave birth to Gaelli and living together until now.
In Spain, the marriage is not the same as us which is only about doing marriage and give birth to our children, there are a lot of cases that people form a family and then register a marriage. Marriage is not about the procedure that’s important, the important thing is about how much the couple love each other, that’s how the European youth’s idea can be peeked at as well as form a new impressive culture.



Natallia, who came from Argentina, is a tango dancer and a theater actress. Like I’ve said above, Jordi is a chef with his certain experience and knowledge. Pictures of Natallia acted in theater, their children’s clothes scattered naturally here and there, frying pan that really suits Jordi when he holds it, etc. It seemed that this place was certified as a house of happy family.



Cooking start! Made a salad, and then sprayed the dressing. I don’t do cutting that often, eventhough I can’t hide the lame dust, I don’t get tired of it even just for once because of the amazing materials. Truthfully, I didn’t get much time to cook, but the only cooking that I have confidence at is ‘ddokbokki’.

Making ddokbokki is easier than what I thought before! Really, it’s even more delicious if I also make it with rice cake. The condiment is equally permeated, hahaha.
Finally, cooking Paella start!



By Jordi’s relaxed virtue, we slowly did the cuttings, sharing stories about Korean and Spanish foods and their different ingredients, then I listened to Jordi telling something about Spanish foods. Pouring the own cultivated tomato & made sauce together into the pan, cutting onion, black pepper, paprika, etc into small pieces, frying them with olive oil. Shortly after that, a delicious smell fills the whole house. For seafood paella, you have to put in the prawn and fry it together with the vegetables, add an increasingly delicious sauce for completion. Olive oil and mixed vegetables, different kinds of seafoods were exposed onto the sauce, then soon the appetizing paella is finished. Put the pan filled with seafood on the stove, and once it’s boiled, put the sauce and rice.



Ah! Spain also has rice. The shape is similar to Korean rice; it’s different from the rice we eat when we fly off to South East Asia. Spain is the country which Korean can’t help but like… even the rice is also similar..



Pour the cooked meal broth to the seafood and mussels, wait until the squid-alike seafood to ripen then done!
It looks delicious! Shall we make this again when I go back to Korea?



Somehow it seems that Spanish people really hereditary learnt cooking for a long time. Aside from generation factor, it’s because of a valuable thing that a person told to the other.
Taemin: Whoa, did hyung really make it?
Key: Looks delicious, looks delicious. I want to eat it!
Onew: Euk, did you chew the rice? It’s like raw rice, and it’s not really cooked yet
Taemin: No, hyung! I found out that this kind of rice is good.
Taemin: It seems that the rice from Thailand or Vietnam, the rice is not really cooked! Somehow this kind of rice is delicious, hahaha.
Key: Then it has a strange taste
Key: It’s similar to the food that our country has, what makes it different is that we’re eating it by using spoon. Hahaha.



Source/Translation: minhogoon @ lj
via forever_shinee

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