[NEWS] 120127 SBS TV Sitcom “Salamander Guru & The Shadows”

New sitcom “Salamander Guru & The Shadows” will be broadcasted today.

After 5 years, SBS have decided to produce a new sitcom. The actors and the characters they are playing are introduced through teasers/ previews and have garnered everyone’s interest.

2 adorable swindlers, meet a genius hacker and have disguised as gurus, have caused a string of funny events – which have set it apart from previous sitcoms. Hence it’s unique appeal have stirred up huge anticipation from everyone.

Experienced movie actors, Oh Dal-Su and Lim Won-Hie will be potraying the 2 fraud thieves, Idol SHINee Minho will be playing as the genius hacker. The real Salamander guru will be played by Lee Byung-Joon and enthusiastic Shamanism follower will be acted out by Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung.

This drama will be broadcasted by SBS on the 27th. 11:05PM (KST).

Source : Citydaily (http://www.clubcity….ml?idxno=99128)
Kor-Chi trans : achoi (MR.MINHO) // Image upload + Chi-Eng trans : 

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