[PIC] 120229 SHINee for ETUDE

Cr. Etude


[PIC] 120229 Jonghyun, Key, and Minho – H2 (Eithoo) Photoshoot

Source/Credits: shineeozkmt @ Weibo

[TWIT] 120229 Jonghyun

@realjonghyun90: Invalid promise announcement to the SHINee World nunas, dongsaengs, friends, mothers, fathers, maternal uncles, manternal aunts, paternal uncles, paternal aunts, aunt (father’s younger brother’s wife), uncle (father’s younger brother), godfathers whom I respect.. That’s right, you, you reading this right now!!! I’m going to withdrawal my promise of tweeting once a week.

@realjonghyun90: The world is too wide and the smartphone is too convenient for me to suppress the adlibs wiggling inside of me any longer. There are a ton of things that happen in a day to laugh about but I’m the only one who can’t laugh!! But they are so funny!!

@realjonghyun90: is a lie. I’ve had an insatiable taste so I can’t take it anymore to do it once a week. I’ll do it when I wanna yogurt ajumma please give me yogurt. I will tweet more often ㅇㅇ

@realjonghyun90: Your expression after seeing my announcementpic.twitter.com/hfYsldLU

Credits: shineee.net (@shiningtweets)

[Synopsis] Salamander Guru Episode 6 Synopsis

Part 1 : Won Sam met a cute high school girl at a donut shop. But he got to know that the girl has stolen somebody’s purse previously.. after that, many shocking things started to befall on Sun-dal and Won-Sam. On the other hand, Won Sam got to know Jieun via SNS (social networking site) and have started to develop feelings for her, Won Sam has been looking forward in meeting her (in person). However whenever he wants to meet up with Jieun, he will coincidentally meet the cute high school girl thief hence he kept missing his chance to meet Jieun.
Part 2 : Salamander Guru’s shop is very suspicious! Food and items kept disappearing from the shop and there is great suspicion in the shop. On the other hand Minhyuk, who has helped the fake gurus, decided to leave (the shop) !! Sun-dal and Won-sam were too shocked and have concocted a good plan to make him stay….

Source : SHAKIZI  // Kor-Chi Trans : MINHO UNION  // Chi-Eng Trans : Soundtracklove @ soompi

Jonghyun UFO reply 120223 #3


Fan: I do not want to care about you。。go go -3-
Jong: who say that i am gonna bother about you , hehe
Fan : i meant the opposite way and say it…. sigh
Jong: ㅎㅅㅎ
Fan : Oppa I’m hungry if i’m able to eat your love i guess i will be full ..keke
Jong : hehe how can love be eaten !!!
Fan : If Oppa give me your love even if i don’t eat i will be full~ hehe give me your love love love
Jong: give you

Fan: When’s SHINee’s comeback? the ans is!!!!??
Jong: will reveal the ans 60 years later
Credit: yinyuetaishinee
Chinese Translation:avan
English Translation : Forever_SHINee

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