[News] Salamander Guru Viewership and Praise for Minho’s Acting

“Salamander Guru” Minho’s Proficient acting.. “Highest viewer rating since broadcast”

SBS Friday Night show “Salamander Guru and the Shadows” received the highet rating since broadcast

On 4 February, according to research company AGB Nielsen Media Research findings, “Salamander Guru” broadcast on 3 February received a national viewership of 7.5%

This is 0.9% higher than the 6.7% viewership for the 28 January Broadcast – receiving the highest viewer rating since broadcast.

In this episode, Minhyuk (Played by Minho) found a Salamander tattoo on the arm of “Eight City Gang’s” Boss, and had determined that he was the murderer who killed his father. Minhyuk was boiling with rage and kept investigating on this issue. But he then found out that the Boss’s tattoo was only done 3 years ago, having no relationship with his father’s death. This incident continues to remain as a mystery.

In this show, the most outstanding performance was by Minho – he did a wonderful performance to enact the role of Minhyuk. His anger over his father’s death was not overly exaggerated, he beautifully portrayed the meaning of an acting idol.  The viewership ratings was also contributed by other casts in the show – Oh Dal-su, Lim Won Hie, Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung etc

At the same time KBS2 drama “The Clinic for Married Couples: Love and War” and MBC’s “MBC International Music Era” had viewership rating of 10.5% and 4% respectively.

View the article here : http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1328317196267943002

Source : TVDAILY // Chi Translation : 肉肉 (MR MINHO)// Eng-Translation : soundtracklove@soompi


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