[Twitter] 120202 Minho_Union Weibo update

Union support, part 2 – Tonight 6PM, we did a food support for onsite filming~ SBS Reporter have also provided the evidence! Filming is indeed difficult during winter. We hope these food can bring  warmth to everyone >< Please wait for a more detailed Fan Support  account!

@sol_bang (SBS Reporter) : ‘도롱뇽 도사’ 촬영장으로 샤이니 민호 팬들이 보낸 도시락~ 현장에는 “민호야 사랑해!”라는 외침이 가득했습니다 ㅎㅎ

Translation : Salamander Guru filming site – These food are sent by  minho’s fans. “Minho Saranghae” can be heard everywhere on the filming  location”

Source : @Minho_Union, @sol_bang, 太后の珉豪王纸 // Translation + Image upload : soundtracklove@soompi (do not hotlink)

Translation : ” Today Salamander Guru Props Department Tweet – @dosasns : Today’s SHINee Minho’s Fansite collaborated and provided actors and staff of “Salamander Guru” delicious food and coffee – Everyone ate happily! Thank You ^^ and to thank everyone for being so focused, to film in winter is indeed difficult! All the best! Anticipate more thrilling episodes!! (Screen Time) Beijing 10PM, see you on SBS! “

Source : @Minho_union, @dosasns // Translation + Image upload: soundtracklove@soompi (do not hotlink)

Translation : The weather in Korea is really cold recently, the time for fan support preparation is also really short TT TT, everything is handmade >< The new stickers that accompanied the food is really cute right? Other than lavish food, we also prepared cupcake, coffee, drinks and the essential heatpack for winter and more. Everything is filled with love. The last photo shows only a corner (of the things we have prepared) keke.. will update when everything is done ^^

Source : @Minho_union,  // Translation + Image upload: soundtracklove@soompi (do not hotlink)


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