[interview] Taemin Q&A on Japan Mobile

♥SHINee Room~Taemin Q&A♥

How long does it take for Taemin-goon to memorize dance moves for one song!?
–  1~2 days

How do you feel when you wear a skirt as cross-dressing?
– Uncomfortable 

Is there anything that you feel you can’t yield?
– Maknae position 

☆テミンさんが犬を買うとしたら、どんな名前をつけますか? (その名前をうちの犬の名前にします)
If Taemin-ssi has a pet, what would you name it? (I’ll name my dog)
– Johnny (his dubbing character’s name)

What would you do if you are sleepy when you should not sleep?
– I’ll pinch my thigh

[Source: Gateeyoung http://www.taemmunity.com; via shakizi | trans by jujugal]

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