[TRANS] 120222 Jonghyun UFO reply

Fan: tell me about Korea ancestor chant Haha

Jong: The school will teach right?

Fan: hahaha there’s potato soup at my house  no potato in the potato soup haha

Jong: Oh Potato

Fan : Thank you for you contact (referring to reply)
Jong : ㅠㅠㅠ hehehe
Fan: living Happily and Handsome Jonghyun~ so cool!!
Jong: Yeah! Very happy!
Fan : Jonghyun ah thank you~ for bring happiness to us ^^
Jong: I thank all of you too
Fan: Really love you alot…
Fan : love love
Fan: understand ㅠㅠ tired? knock knock..what am i saying hehe
Jong : ㅠㅠ quickly go and sleep
Fan: Oppa’s today is my birthday!send me a UFO to wish me TT
Jong: Happy day
Fan: Thank you for cherishing the fans ㅠㅠeverytime because of you i will be touched
Jong: haha thank you ^^
Credit/chinese translation : For_SHINee_World
English translation : Forever_SHINee

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