Jonghyun UFO reply 120223 #3


Fan: I do not want to care about you。。go go -3-
Jong: who say that i am gonna bother about you , hehe
Fan : i meant the opposite way and say it…. sigh
Jong: ㅎㅅㅎ
Fan : Oppa I’m hungry if i’m able to eat your love i guess i will be full ..keke
Jong : hehe how can love be eaten !!!
Fan : If Oppa give me your love even if i don’t eat i will be full~ hehe give me your love love love
Jong: give you

Fan: When’s SHINee’s comeback? the ans is!!!!??
Jong: will reveal the ans 60 years later
Credit: yinyuetaishinee
Chinese Translation:avan
English Translation : Forever_SHINee

Jonghyun UFO reply 120223 –

Jonghyun UFO reply 120223 #2 –


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