[INF] Close friendship betweet Onew and Joon garners attention

We all know that idols are very close with one another, but it looks like the friendship of MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and SHINee’s Onew is really close although they are of a different group.

Previously, Onew and Lee Joon not only mentioned each other on radio programmes, interviews, eat together often and also attended activities of each other such as concert, showing their close friendship.

In the recent M!Countdown programme, Onew and Lee Joon’s close bond once again surfaces.
As the MCs of M!Countdown, Lee Joon and Mir congratulated SHINee members for their comeback. Lee Joon was seen giving a rose to Onew and this made many fans jealous, saying “how i wish i am Onew, so Lee Joon would give me a rose”, “wow Joon & Onew is really close, i ship them!”


There were also fanaccounts saying that during the introduction of SHINee during the rehearsals, Lee Joon was excited like a fanboy and shouted “Onewww~~” and paid attention to their performance.

Are you jealous of their friendship?

Credits: TV Daily

Written by: vannie@dkpopnews

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