[INF/120731] Sulli’s latest photo strongly resembles SHINee’s Taemin.

f(x)‘s Sulli has been drawing attention for resembling SHINee‘s Taemin. On July 31st, Sulli uploaded the picture on the left onto her personal me2day and along with it wrote, “As always, summer calls for short hair! Do you all want to cut your hair too?~ Please support ‘To the Beautiful You‘ and Goo Jaehee♥. This is the unrevealed cut from the Vogue Girl photo shoot from last time huhu.” Sulli is sporting a short boyish haircut as well as androgynous clothing for her upcoming role as Goo Jaehee and netizens have taken notice that her pale complexion and upright nose is similar to that of SHINee’s Taemin. Fans left comments on the picture saying, “Sulli looks pretty even if she is dressed as a boy,” “Is this Taemin or Sulli?,” and “Cute! Are there any boys like that?”

Source & Image: Sulli’s me2day, Joongang via Nate
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