[FANACC/120729 ] Taemin @ Inkigayo pre record for BoA stage next week

1. I started screaming “Taemin fighting” from the start. Kiddo was really nice, upon hearing (our cheers), he twirled around, bowed to us and entered the stage. He is very well-behaved, a eally good looking kiddo TTT 

2. The first (recording) was a Camera rehearsal. One of Taemin’s movement was clean/ not well done (the one he had to push himself up from the floor). He stuck his tongue out and laughed and even caused BoA to laugh. 

3. Then they proceeded with 3 rounds of recording. Facing his sunbae, Taemin is still nervous. He will keep a distance of 5-10cm (from BoA) for all the intimate dance moves. Even though there was quite a distance, but it was definitely not lacking in passion and sexiness! He did really well everytime, the only difference (for each recording) was the amount of exposure of his pristine white skin whenever he had to push himself up from the ground. 

4. I watched the actual broadcast (on TV) just now, and realised that they used the recording which exposed the most skin TTTT 

5. The cutest thing is that Taemin’s mood is rather good today. He will come out during his breaks – fans will scream, some will shout out his name directly and he will try to seek (for the fans) and try really hard to listen what the fans have asked him TTTT. At the beginning, a fan shouted for him when he hid behind the board, he fooled around by using both of his hands, as if he was admiring landscape from afar, (to seek for that fan). 

6. It was different from the comeback 2 years ago; kiddo seems to be closer to his sunbae now. On the stage, there were laughter and small talks between Shim Jaewon and Boa, discussing how to improve the coordination of their dance steps. 

7. At the end of the recording, (Taemin) wanted to retreat quietly to the backstage, but was called back by BoA. She wanted to let him talk to everyone. So Taemin said “Only One is really good!” So nice (of him) TTTT He just smiled and waved to everyone before going backstage.” 

8. After the actual broadcast (for today) has been broadcasted (on tv), they proceeded to record for next week’s BoA’s performace stage. Taemin changed his attire, previews have already been uploaded so everyone can go and check it out. I personally think that this particular wardrobe seems to show his figure more vividly; not sure if it’s because I changed my position. 

9. Seeing Taemin’s seductive expression, I have no regrets, it is too tempting TTTT He is a full grown man now, every time he gets up (from the floor), he is exceptionally sexy. 


Translation : soundtracklove@soompi

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