[INFO/300712] Minho becomes a “Strongest Visual Gold Medalist” for “For You in Full Blossom”

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Minho, “Strongest Visual Gold Medalist”

“I got gold medal!”
“To The Beautiful You” Minho became “Strongest Visual Gold Medalist”

Minho was seen with the Seoul’s national flag logo on his chest in today’s released picture with a gold medal around his neck and attracting attention with a glow on his face. This was from a scene where Minho stood on the podium after he got first in the World Youth Competition.

Minho defeated talented and outstanding international competitors and stood on the highest spot on the podium and proudly showed his gold medal with a flower bouquet and revealed a bright smile. Minho portrays a talented high jump athlete, Tae Joon, in the drama and higher expectations on him also esclated.

One will feel a sense of satisfaction after seeing Minho’s bright smile as the gold medalist. One will feel even more surreal seeing the gold medal on Minho’s neck with the London Olympics currently being held at the same time.

This scene was filmed on 28 June 2012 at Jamsil Olympic Stadium. Minho morphed into Tae Joon in front of the staff and livened up the filming atmosphere with his passion. In order to portray the role of the high jump athlete Tae Joon perfectly, it was revealed that Minho began training one and a half months before filming starts. This makes one more touched than nervousness.

The awards ceremony was filmed after completing the high jump scenes and became much more vivid. On the day of filming, Minho showed perfect high jumps in the sweltering heat for 2 hours from 9am in the morning and never once showed any tiredness and displayed a national representative’s perseverance.

With the emotions being brought over from filming the high jump scenes, Minho was extremely overjoyed and totally immersed in Tae Joon’s role while filming the awards ceremony. The staff were full of praises and in awe of Minho whom was able to present the poses of a national representative.

The production team expressed, “Minho is currently living as Tae Joon of “To The Beautiful You” and completely immersed himself in his role. He has also put in a lot of effort in order to portray high jump athlete Tae Joon more precisely. Please look forward to Minho’s performance in this drama about a high jump sportsman’s dream jump.”
Credits: shineetown.tumblr
Chinese Translation: Mr Minho * Mr. Ice
English Translation: eimanjjong
Shared by : JoAnnwashere @ SFI 


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