[ENG-INF/120806] SHINee’s Minho Films in Front of 105 Cameras in a ‘Matrix-Style’ Format for ‘To the Beautiful You’ High Jump Scene

Some of Minho’s action scenes for his upcoming drama are being shot through special, never-before-attempted techniques. 

Dubbed the ‘Matrix cameras’, a total of 105 high-function cameras were set up over the course of 8 hours for Minho’s recent high jumping scene on July 20, in a stadium in Daegu, for his upcoming SBS drama To the Beautiful You

The high function, super speed cameras were utilized to capture Minho’s full jump, down to its finest details, in the unique production method. 

The sight of 105 cameras, linked together and all facing Minho was enough to take all of the set, including Minho himself, by surprise. The post-production CG work took around a month of work from the production staff.

A drama production staff member shared, “To show the different sports events within the drama in a detailed and energetic way, we are attempting many different things. Including the matrix camera method, a diverse range of things are being attempted to create a complete piece of work. We ask for your continued interest and anticipation.” 

The result of the matrix camera shot scene and its heavy CG work will be seen in the first episode of To the Beautiful You when it premieres on August 15.

Photo credit: SBS


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