[INF/120819] SM Entertainment declares themselves the virtual nation, ‘MUSIC NATION SMTOWN’

As the meaning of the world becoming one through music, SM Entertainment proclaimed themselves the virtual nation, ‘MUSIC NATION SMTOWN‘, before the performances at ‘SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III in SEOUL‘.

At the beginning of the event a parade was held where representative fans from 30 countries including South Korea, The United States, Canada, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Australia, Spain, and Poland entered the stadium holding their nation’s flag and distributing flower bouquets to each SM artist.

At the end of the parade, TVXQ raised the ‘SMTOWN’ flag, declaring the beginning of ‘SM Nation’.

In addition, singers Kangta and BoA read their declaration speeches tying the event together. Kangta stated, “We want to thank all of the fans that came from all over the world to join us for this concert. Music is the middleman that allows all people to feel as one. I am proud to have lived as a musician. We will trust in our potential and work hard at all times to be remembered as part of history.

SM Entertainment stated, “The world fights through difficult times through music. Music has the power to genuinely move people. Although we speak different tongues, we come together through SM’s music. We decided to make a virtual nation called SMTOWN. We welcome all who were invited as the people of music nation SMTOWN.

Meanwhile, the concert seated 40,000 audience members, displaying SM’s power as a music nation.

Are you a citizen of music nation ‘SMTOWN’?

Source + Images: StarToday, StarIn, StarN
Credit: allkpop

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