[INF/120819] SMTOWN successfully holds their “Live World Tour III in Seoul” at the Olympic Stadium

On August 18th, SMTOWN held their 4th concert stop of the year for their “Live World Tour III” at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul. Previously, the concert opened its first show at California (Anaheim), Taiwan (Hsinchu) and Japan (Tokyo).

The Seoul concert was reported to have fans streaming in from all the world including those from the United States, France, UK, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Australia, Brunei, Germany, Kazakhstan, China and Japan, recording 40,000 fans attending.

Artists who participated in the Seoul concert included – Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO-K, EXO-M, Super Junior, Zhang Liyin, CSJH The Grace DANA&Sunday, Chu Gayeol and Kim Minjong. Performing for a span of 4 hours, all together, SMTOWN’s 52 artists performed 51 tracks!

SMTOWN first began their Asia Tour in 2008 before expanding it as a World Tour in 2010. This is their 3rd year performing World Tours as SMTOWN. Together, SMTOWN concerts brings a repertoire of idols to fans all over the world, spreading the love of K-Pop music.

The Seoul SMTOWN concert officially opened their virtual nation, “MUSIC NATION SMTOWN,” with the two seniors of SM Entertainment, Kangta and BoA. “MUSIC NATION SMTOWN” was first introduced in the Anaheim concert, which showed videos that read the quotes: “Miracle of Music, United As One. Music Nation. SMTOWN.”

Recently, Virtual Passports were released for purchase so fans could join their new virtual music nation, successfully uniting K-Pop fans all over the world.

Following the opening of “Music Nation SMTOWN” and revealing its flag, Kangta, BoA, TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin, Super Junior Yesung, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, SHINee’s Jonghyun, f(x)’s Luna, EXO’s Baekhyun, D.O, Chen and Luhan took the stage together to sing H.O.T’s “Dear My Family,” which was composed by Yoo Youngjin.

Source/Credit: Koreaboo
Shared by: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net


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