[INF/120831] Jeon Hyun Moo wraps up his last KBS radio broadcast by playing SHINee’s ‘Lucifer’


Jun Hyun Moo, former KBS announcer, ended his last radio broadcast with SHINee‘s ‘Lucifer‘, stating, “The first song I played was ‘Lucifer’, and the song I end with is the same ‘Lucifer’. Listening to this song really makes me feel like it’s the end“. Jun Hyun Moo has always been a strong supporter of SHINee and is well-known for his hilarious covers of SHINee’s difficult choreography.

The former announcer went through the broadcast calmly until he played Wax‘s ‘I Ask Of You‘, when he started to tear up. He continued to sound tearful while he finished the rest of the show.

Jun Hyun Moo recently announced that he would be leaving KBS to become a freelance announcer, and has signed on with SM C&C, along with Kang Ho Dong and Shin Dong Yup.

Source: Sports Seoul
Shared by: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net


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