[INF/120901] SHINee’s Profile/Biographies on SHINee World J (Official Fanclub Site)


Birthday: 1989/12/14
Interest • Special Skill: Music, Movie, Writing lyrics, Piano
Type of Pet (he) wants to keep: A small pig
Jinx (an evil spell): Always (without change) thinking something in a bad point of view …(the bad side of thought)
Best Subject: Science

Birthday: 1990/4/8
Interest • Special Skill: Soccer, Basketball, Performance
Critical things to do daily: Exercise, Weight training
Item which must be inside the refrigerator: Water
Treasured Item: Pet which (he) is raising – Roo

Birthday: 1991/9/23
Interest • Special Skill: Water-Ski, Rap Dancing, Japanese Language, English Langugae
Critical things to do daily: Listen to Music, Drink Coffee, Writing Notepad (memos)
Lucky Colour: Pink, Mint
Treasured Item: You (the fans/shawols)

Birthday: 1991/12/9
Interest • Special Skill: Soccer, Basketball, Acting
Favourite Place: The top of a Mountain (Beautiful Scenery)
Desired Profession other than an artiste: Film Director
Lucky Number: 10

Birthday: 1993/7/18
Interest • Special Skill: Soccer, Basketball, Dance, Music, Piano
Childhood Nickname: Tae-mi-ri (meaning of scrubbing) 
Item which must be inside the refrigerator: Meat
Personal Advantage: Youth 

Source: SHINee WORLD J Fanclub Site
All Profile ScreenCaps credits: korea_shygeeks
Japanese-English Translations: FOREVER_SHINee [4] 



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