[INFO/120907] Dazzling Gir l- SPECIAL SHOWCASE Details!


「Dazzling Girl」 SPECIAL SHOWCASE will be held through the period from 1st November to 13th November over 5 Japan cities in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka & Sapporo.

In the purchase of either of the 「Dazzling Girl」Limited version A, B or Regular version (limited to the production during the 1st released only), based on the guidelines for application, applicants will be chosen through lottery during the period to be invited to the「Dazzling Girl」 SPECIAL SHOWCASE. 

■ 11/1 (Thursday) : Zepp Music Hall in Fukuoka 
■ 11/2 (Friday) : Zepp Music Hall in Namba (Osaka) 
■ 11/8 (Thursday) : Zepp Music Hall in Tokyo
■ 11/12 (Monday) : Zepp Music Hall in Nagoya
■ 11/13 (Tuesday) : Zepp Music Hall in Sapporo

※More details on how to apply, please refer to the leaflets enclosed in the singles.
※For the regular version application leaflets, it will only be inserted in the ones produced during the 1st released period. (Please understand that after the 1st production release, subseqent release of the regular version will not have the leaflets.)
※Each single purchased will come with 1 application. (There is no limit to the number of application. You can apply for multiple venues.)
※Details on start time and performances, etc will be guided in later dates.

Source & Credit: SHINee.jp
English Translations: Forever_SHINee

Shared by: airam.shinee


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