[INF/121016] Taemin to participate in the PYL Younique album










 SM Entertainment and Hyundai have come together to release the album “PYL Younique”. This is the first collaboration album between an entertainment and automobile company which is expected to generate a lot of interest and anticipation. PYL stands for “Premium Younique Lifestyle” and is marketed towards Hyundai’s individualistic customers who enjoy a unique lifestyle. The album will have 3 tracks of various genres from electronic pop to dubstep.

The electronic pop song called “LOOKIN’” by Boa is the theme song for the i40. It will be released on the 16th through various music sites. On the 18th, Girls’ Generation Jessica’s theme song for the i30 called “My Lifestyle” will be released. The two artists are scheduled to sing their respective theme songs at the PYL Younique Show which will be held on the 17th at the Central City Millennium Hall from 8PM to 10:30PM.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Henry, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai and Luhan participated in the 3rd track “MAXSTEP”. The teaser video for this Veloster theme song will be shown at the PYL Younique Show. The song will be available on various music sites and the music video will be uploaded onto SM’s Youtube channel.


Source: The Star
Translations: kimchi hana @ shineee.net




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