[TRAD] SHINee in “Easy” Chinese Magazine, November Issue



Recently, SHINee has just released their new Japanese single <Dazzling Girl>, and on 17 November, they will be attending the “White Fashion Music Festival” which will be held in Shanghai. So for people who love young boybands, this is definitely an event you would not want to miss!

A meaningful song
After completing over 20 Japan arena tour concerts earlier this year, SHINee has released their fifth Japanese single, <Dazzling Girl>. This single is of huge significance to them, as this is one of the very few original Japanese singles that they have released since their debut. As for the MV filming, SHINee, for the first time, has collaborated with various famous Japan producers. They have also made new breakthroughs with their dance, as well as their costume designs.
In the MV, each of the members portray 5 different roles, namely: hair stylist, fashion consultant, make-up artist, designer and photographer. As the 5 of them try their best to transform the ordinary girl into a dazzling girl, fans would be able to see their heart-fluttering moments of meeting the beautiful girl, which will be featured in the music video.

A family-like relationship
As the youngest member Taemin reaches his twenties, SHINee is now no longer the “young boyband” that we used to know of anymore. As they continue to perform and meet with their various hoobaes (juniors), they will be able to feel that they are finally grown-up now. After debuting for 4 years and knowing each other for about 7 years, the members meet each other almost everyday in their daily lives now, and show each other their utmost support whenever any of them has an individual schedule. A recent example was when Minho was busy filming for his drama, titled “To the Beautiful You”. Not only did the members visit him at the filming site, Jonghyun had also shown his support for Minho by tweeting about his acting skills in the drama. Not long ago, Key also uploaded a video of Jonghyun and him going out to buy his birthday present, which clearly shows their close relationship.

Photo: Gabriella·W
Translated by: sherylmilo @ shineee.net


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