[FANACC] 121027 SHINee World II Concert in Hong Kong – Part 1

One of the staff from Etude came to watch the concert. We are nearly entering the hall.
Please refrain from spamming, until the concert starts

Source: SHINeeBaidu
Translation: debcrazy @ shineee.net

Update #1

The lighting and sound crew were fooling around with the lights and sounds, causing the fans to go crazy.

There doesn’t seem to be many people, why.

The terraces look fine, people are slowly filling the seats. The right terrace seems to be full, the left terrace is nearly filled. I was worried at first, but now I’m relieved.

They are greeting us now!

When Jonghyun imitated the translator and said “Be careful” in Cantonese, his pronunciation was really good!

Onew’s solo is really nice TTT~~TTT

Please let us live, I really kneel down to Choi Minho, you’re making those who are not able to attend the concert really miserable

Onew slipped twice.
During Love Like Oxygen, Taemin nearly slipped two times as well.
The stage for LLO is really slippery, could be because…

During Amazing Grace, Jonghyun’s voice was really sexy! (T/N: Lol, what a way to describe someone’s voice while singing a hymn.)

Jonghyun’s Y Si Fuera Ella TT~~TT It’s really beautiful

After Amazing Grace, the boys ran backstage

Source: SHINeeBaidu
Translation: debcrazy @ shineee.net

Update #2

It’s the encore now!
Jonghyun is crying, Onew is holding back his tears.

Source: SHINeeBaidu
Translation: debcrazy @ shineee.net

Update #3

Jonghyun, Onew and Key all cried, even the usually ‘cold-blooded’ 2MIN cried
Now it’s LifeTT~~TT the last one!!! ~~~~

Source: SHINeeBaidu
Translation: debcrazy @ shineee.net

Update #4

Jonghyun acted like a dog and crawled after Key, TTT~~~TTT
There was a fan that that threw a rather ugly photo of Kim Kibum onto the stage, and he took it away for a period of time, and sang the ending of Sherlock in a weird way.
They gave a thumbs up to all of us, Jinki has two pimples! It’s really obvious

Source: Valentine_key @ Weibo [VKLive]
Translation: debcrazy @ shineee.net

During the encore, Bummie wore a Donald Duck hat, and a huge pink claw(T/N: not entirely sure). Jonghyun wore a panda hat.

Source: SHINeeBaidu
Translation: debcrazy @ shineee.net

Update #5

Jjong sang out of pitch and the other 4 members laughed at him..

Source: hildiemak
Translation: pplr @ shineee.net

Jjong imitated the translator and said ‘be careful’ in cantonese

Source: 霹雳无敌泡菜妹

Translation: pplr @ shineee.net

Taemin almost slipped during Sherlock

Source: 金不灵的小钥匙
Translation: pplr @ shineee.net

Onew slipped twice
The 5 angels (SHINee) ran back to the backstage after amazing graze ended ==”‘

Source: jongdia
Translation: pplr @ shineee.net

SHINee said together in cantonese “be careful”
Jonghyun was wearing a panda hat, cuteness overloaded
Onew only wore a towel on his head
Key was wearing a donald duck hat

Source: Chellewy_xiaomi
Translation: pplr @ shineee.net

a shawol threw an ugly pic of key up to the stage, key held it for quite some time, and sang sherlock weirdly XD

Source: valentinekey
Translation: pplr @ shineee.net

A shawol threw thing up to the stage and hit minho’s face accidentally, minho was shocked.

Source: sjsisriceta
Translation: pplr @ shineee.net

During Sherlock, Onew slipped, but he still managed to maintain that pose and acted cool.
Jjong said ‘be careful’ in cantonese.. then other members imitated him and said a few sentence in cantonese.. very cute.

Source: sjsisriceta
Translation: pplr @ shineee.net

During Stranger, a dancer fell down, but only minho saw that, he turned back at laughed at the dancer.

Source: 2min0515
Translation: pplr @ shineee.net

Minho leaned on Jjong and key hitted minho.

Source: Mother_ F*CKerrrrrr
Translation: pplr @ shineee.net


The translator made a lot of mistakes today. Jonghyun and Key kept on imitating what she said, very cute.During lucifer/amigo, there was the dry ice effect on the stage, he move his head forward into the dry ice.. he was very cute.

During internet war, Jonghyun and Taemin ran to both side of the stage, Taemin did nothing for a while, standing and just looking in front while Jjong kept on shaking his head.

During Always Love, the camera took the wrong scene, key was shown on the screen (when other member was singing), he was looking left and right innocently, he was very cute, shawols laughed when they saw this.

Dring stand by me, Jjong who was wearing a panda hat, pretended as a puppy and walked with key, very cute! They (JongKey) then whispered to each other with minho standing in the middle.

Towards the end, when they bowed and thanked the fans, key was very excited and kept on singing the rap part in Sherlock, then use a weird voice to sing the chorus.

Also during the ending time, Taemin who was wearing yellow pants picked up a yellow banana soft toy and stuffed it into his shirt, but it dropped off when he was walking halfway.

It seems that Jjong’s mic had some problems today, no sound during the starting part of internet war, but his voice during Heyya was awesome.

During Hello, Minho kept on doing aegyo to the camera, and showed ‘V’ sign, shawols almost went crazy because of that.. JongKey then did the same thing during the ending time.

Their live singing is almost same like the cd quality, the dance was neat too, but the translation during the concert was poor, in between SHINee said something funny but the translator couldn’t catch it. The most funny part is when key singing Sherlock’s rap towards the end, she never listen to that song most probably, so when key was rapping, she was trying to translate it, it was funny. To let her translate it, Onew purposely sang the rap line by line for her, so sweet!

During Stand by me, Key laughed when he saw jjong wearing the panda hat

Source: 铜板鱼

Translation: pplr @ shineee.net

During Stranger, Key acted to bite Jjong.

Jjong used the roo’s doll to ‘bite’ minho’s neck, after that he did it to taemin’s neck.

During Stand By Me, minho beat taemin’s left shoulder out of the sudden
There were 2 pimples on onew’s face.

During Heyya, becaue the ‘fake blood’ spilled on his face, he licked it unintentionally and realized it tasted badly.

Source: heyiying2
Translation: pplr @ shineee.net

During Always Love, Jonghyun and Minho competed to act ugly (with all the ugly expressions, Taemin then joined and did a very weird face expression, he did it purposely to show minho but minho didn’t see it

Source: 魚刄刄
Translation: pplr @ shineee.net

Today, Jjong kept on saying ‘be careful’ in cantonese, key followed what he said too. Shawols trying to throw dolls up to the stage and nearly hit onew’s face, his expression that time was very cute

Source: babepjy
Translation: pplr @ shineee.net

Update #6

When Onew was talking, the translator did not know that he had yet to finish what he wanted to say and began translating. So Onew just stood there being cute, using his eyebrows to act all handsome TTTTTT

Source: ttt-JH @ Weibo
Translation: debcrazy @ shineee.net

I’ve realized many people did not notice this. Actually after Taemin lifted up Lee Jinki’s clothes, he took a ball and walked back to Jinki to wipe off his sweat, and pretended to throw the ball to us, tricking everyone…eventually he threw it onto the stage, he must have been afraid we would be fighting over it like crazy. [laughing] I forgot what song it was in the middle, Taemin’s earpiece dropped, and Jinki was behind, silently helping him to hook it back on.

Source: S-Catch艾斯Meeee-S @ Weibo
Translation: debcrazy @ shineee.net

During the ending somebody threw a small skateboard up on stage, Kim Jonghyun played with it for a while and threw it back down

Now I recall, during A-Yo, Lee Taemin accidentally dropped his lightstick on the floor, and so he picked up and checked to see if it was still working. When throwing the balls, once again he did not use the appropriate strength, and the ball just fell right below the stage. As always, we can’t pin any hopes on you.

Source: 為聚會存錢的瘋子 @ Weibo
Translation: debcrazy @ shineee.net

Update #7

When they are bowing in the end, the 2nd dancer from key wanted to push him, but key managed to stand still

When Jjong poured water on his head, the water spilled on minho’s pants, minho quickly moved away from him and wipe away the water on his pants speechlessly.

Source: breadtiffany
Translation: pplr @ shineee.net

During The Name I Loved, there were shawols who cried, so jjong walked over, pointed at his eye and shaked his hand, asking them not to cry TT

Source: wangfir
Translation: pplr @ shineee.net


We were very excited last night, someone around us said key and jjong will come to our side more often, but onew came over after she said that, and even waved at us, but maybe he was busy these days, his skin condition wasn’t good, however, he is still very handsome. Actually onew slipped twice last night, once was during Love Like Oxygen, after Sherlock just ended. I think it’s because the floor was slippery, when he slipped, I shouted loudly, he heard it so he turned back and smile, his smile was really warm. Another one was during JoJo, he slipped and almost fell down, but he used his hand to support himself, one of the dancer showed him a thumb gesture and he did it back too. Maybe he slipped near our side again, so he smiled at us again. Onew didn’t fell for both the times, but one of the dancer really fell down during Ring Ding Dong.Taemin’s solo was really cool, after it ended, he went to the back stage by jumping and hopping. After Internet War ended, because taemin’s hand was still handcuffed by jjong, so he was dragged to the back stage.. very cute

During Tie A Yellow Ribbon, when they were in front of area C, the members acted weirdly, especially minho, danced very weirdly, taemin was shocked and looked at his hyungs surprisingly with opened mouth, with an unbelievable facial expression.

Before they started to sing The Reason, when the lights were still off, the other 4 members sat properly on the stairs. Suddenly, someone ran out and jumped and sat on the stairs. After a while, when the lights were on, I realized that person was taemin.

At the beginning of the concert, Jonghyun and Taemin didn’t really show much expression, I was worrying whether they were too tired, but after that they played happily ^^

Jjong was teased continuously by the other members last night. During encore, Jjong ran pass us with 2 bottles, he then poured water on his head in front of shawols in area B. He enjoyed it, and purposely opened the caps of bottles using his teeth, after finished the 2 bottles, he came back to take another 2 bottles, we shouted again and he slowed down his running speed, threw the bottle to us and ran away again.

Source: 夜魅烟火

Translation: pplr @ shineee.net

Update #8

During The Name I Loved, key turned back to watch the VCR. When jjong was singing his part, key pointed his mic at us, so we sang it even louder. Although SHINee were very touched, but they didn’t cry.

During Lucifer rock remix, they wanted to pull the swords out, key’s sword was stuck half way, so he smile awkwardly, he was really shy that time, but he managed to pull it out at last.

Source: 夜魅烟火

Translation: pplr @ shineee.net


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