[FANACC] SHINee ‘Dazzling Girl’ Special Showcase @ ZEPP Fukuoka 121101-Updated

When Onew was announcing those information, because he was speaking too fast; Jonghyun went ’ O! Slowly, calm down! Please say it slowly. And Onew’s expression was ヽ(;▽;)ノ

After the DVD preview was played, SHINee started to say their thoughts,
Key: I want to do the tour again. I want to do 40 stages performances again.
Jonghyun: 40?! That is a little…
Key: I want to do 40 performances!
Jonghyun: Yes.. okay  ♡

At the end of the showcase, Jonghyun was saying THANKS & waving to the 2nd floor, 3rd floor, 4th floor.. Onew who was laughing because of (jonghyun’s action) said: the 1000th floor also~ ; Taemin: 1000th floor?
[Their smiles were 100 marks, so cute!]

When SHINee were explaining about their Dazzling Girl MV,
Jonghyun: I was a Cameraman in it.
Onew: I was a director, and I threw the photos!
Jonghyun: You threw the photos which I took?

Minho: Although I was a hair stylist in the MV, but I do not deal with my own hair.. but it will be interesting if Key’s hair could be center parting from the bangs..
Jonghyun: That’s wierd…
**Then Minho starts to set Key’s hair …
Key: Please stop!!

Minho danced a different choreography for Dazzling Girl. From Dazzling Girl dance choregraphy to Gangnam style. XD Onew: Dazzling Style.

Minho said his lyrics (part) for the Dazzling Girl was interesting…
Jonghyun: Which part which part?
Minho: (rap) boom boom boom pow …part…
Jonghyun: Minho-kun is so cute~ cute ~

MC: What does ‘Dazzling Girl’ means to everyone?
SHINee members: Uhm?
Onew: Dazzling Girl is refering to everyone who is here now!
Shawols: kkkyyyaaa…~!
Onew: I love you all~
Shawols: Woahhhhh!

Cr.  Lee_gieen

English Trans: Forever_SHINee

Translator’s Note: Not a word by word translation. I sort of digest the story first and combine a few tweets together.

Minho seemed to be thinking of Taemin’s introduction as he introduced himself as, “I’m Tae- Minho.”
MC, “What kind of girl do you guys think is a dazzling girl?
Onew stepped forward, “Everyone here!!”
Others, “That’s so fast.”
Ignoring others, Onew continued, “I love you.” while doing the heart gesture with his hands.
Minho had a slight mistake in “Run with me”. Even though he noticed it, he couldn’t figure out the exact miss so he seemed unsatisfied.
When asked about their roles in the music video…
Minho: I have experience in styling my own hair, but it’s my first time to do it on others so I was nervous.
Jonghyun: What about Key’s hair that you always touched?
Minho then went straightaway to play with Key’s hair. He parted Key’s hair, which, of course was scolded upon by Key.
But then later everyone was playing with Key’s hair.

Source/Credit: nb_noko
Translated by: red @ shineee.net 

At the end Jonghyun was waving and thanking those at the second floor, then the non-existent 3rd floor and 4th floor.
After much laughter, Onew responded by saying “1000th floor to~” which cause Taemin to be in confusion. Seemed like a lot of question marks were coming out of his head.
Jonghyun was talking about how high the note in Dazzling Girl is, to which, somehow Onew began to compare his and Jonghyun’s height by leveling the height of their heads with his hand.
Seems like it’s SHINee’s first time to watch the DVD’s content as well.

Key: I want to do a tour again. I want to do 40 concerts.
Jonghyun: 40?! That’s a bit…
Taemin: Tiring.
Key: I want to do 40 performances.
Jonghyun: Alright~
Onew was too fast when announcing the new single.
Jonghyun: Oh, relax a bit. Say it slowly.
Then Onew’s face was like ヽ(;▽;)ノ
Minho: My lyric part is interesting.
Jonghyun: Which part?
Minho: The part with “Boom boom pow”.
Jonghyun: Minho is really cute, so cute~
Talking about their roles in the music video.

Jonghyun: I’m the cameraman.
Onew: Being the director, I scattered the pictures.
Jonghyun: You threw away the pictures that I took?
After Onew melted the audience’s hearts by claiming them as dazzling girls and saying that he loves them, he turned back saying yes with victory pose a few times.
So Dazzling Girl managed to reach second place in Oricon chart.

Members and Shawols: Wow!
Key: So who was it that cried when we got 1st place (in Korea)?
Jonghyun: That! That was because I was so happy and (*&&(*&# <— undistinguishable words
After Onew announced the title of the new single, “1000-nen, zutto soba ni ite (For a thousand years, always be by my side)” Minho grabbed Jonghyun’s neck, threatening, “For a thousand years, be by my side”.

Jonghyun escaped, only to have his neck grabbed by Taemin. Jonghyun escaped again. Then Minho went to attack Key.

Source/Credit: lee_jieen
Translated by: red @ shineee.net 

Update #1
Speaking about the interesting parts in the Dazzling Girl dance, Minho said, “My part is very interesting, it can be adapted.” Then he showed an adaptation of Dazzling Girl dance → Gangnam style. After he danced, Minho asked the fans, “Very interesting, right?” (The fans looked at him without any expression =.=) Key patted Minho’s shoulder and said, “You need to work harder.”

They talked about how Dazzling Girl ranked #2 on the Oricon chart..
Jjong: “The ranking is not important, the most important thing is our heart.”
Key: “Wait, who’s the one who cried when we got #1?”
Taemin: “Jonghyun-hyung!”
Jjong: “I think I will cry in the future too.”
Key: “Don’t cry~”

They also talked about what kind of girls are dazzling girls. Because Key was the last one to answer, the possible answers were all already said by the other 4 members before him. When he was trying hard to think about it, Jjong walked out and said, “It’s me right?” Key, “For me, a dazzling girl is someone who works hard in life.” Jjong, “I am working hard in my life.”

Source: whoischrisma

Translated by: pplr @ shineee.net


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