[INF/121129]SHINee to appear at the White Music Festival in Shanghai on November 17th + event details


City: Shanghai

Location: Shanghai Expo Park

Date: November 17th, 2012

Time: 12:00pm to 10:00pm

Tickets: $180 – $688

Hotline Number [to buy tickets]: 400-620-6006

Stage planning for SHINee;

Location: The Fashion Arena

Date and Time: November 11th; 4:10pm to 4:40pm

Event Description:
The “White Music Festival” is the first event that encourages the spread of fashion, trendiness, and pop-style music in China. This event will feature SHINee as part of a lineup of the greatest stars in Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, such as Wei Chen, Zhang Xuan, HEBE, Sammi Cheng, Rainie, Joanna Wang, and Lin Yoga. It is a large outdoor music event in which the main purpose is the expression of fashion and music. The festival is divided into 3 large areas (pop stage, personal performance stage, DJ stage) and 18 small areas (the most important areas are Rock, Fashion, Entertainment, Playing, and Enjoyment). The purpose of the event is to listen to good music, enjoy the fun festival, and watch your idols perform.

Further Details:
One-day tickets bought in advance will cost 180 yuan, while one-day tickets bought at the event will cost 250 yuan.
Advance tickets (for 180 yuan) must be purchased before November 17th.

Fan’s tickets, sold for 688 yuan, are only on sale during the pre-order period. Each fan ticket package includes a single day pass, a limited edition event T-shirt, and a goodie bag.

 Source: mypiao.com
Picture credit: As tagged
Translation: Captivated @ shineee.net


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