[INF/121028] Onew and Key’s Shopping Date in Hong Kong

On 28 October afternoon, which was the day after SWC2 in Hong Kong, we heard that Onkey were shopping at xx Street, so we went there at the fastest speed possible.

Upon reaching the destination (a Starbucks café at a certain shopping mall), we saw Onkey and their two managers, sitting down and drinking coffee at one of the round tables. Both Onew and Key were back-facing us. Meanwhile, Key came out of the toilet, accompanied by Choi Jin (one of SHINee’s managers), and he passed by us. He was wearing a black knitted hat, a white top along with a punk jacket, flowery jeans and a pair of boots. He looked very handsome.

After returning back from the toilet, Key sat down at the round table again. Just then, the two bodyguards who were with them left for a while, and we could see Onew’s backview. We saw him bending his head and looking down at something (we were guessing that he may be playing mobile games XDD).

Soon, they finished their coffee and we followed them out of the shopping mall, standing beside their van. Key boarded the van first, and he sat in the second inner row of the van. Onew soon boarded the van as well, and sat beside Key. After a while, Onew got out of the van suddenly and “disappeared” (we were not sure of where he went, maybe the toilet? XD) Key was sitting in the van, using his mobile phone. After that, Key pulled out his lipbalm and used his fingertips to apply it on his lips.

Not long after Key started to apply his lipbalm, Onew returned back to the van and sat beside him. Onew looked very cheerful, and was smiling all the time. Both Onew and Key were chatting and laughing at the same time, and both of them bent their heads to look at something that was displayed on their mobile phones.

Finally, Onkey’s van left and we did not follow them any further.

Source: ONBOM8991.com
Translation by: sherylmilo @ shineee.net


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