[INF/121031] SHINee’s Onew voted #1 on MBC’s Weekly Idol for the Most Fitting Nickname

SHINee’s Onew has the most fitting nickname!


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On the broadcast of MBC’s Weeky Idol new episode on October 31st, the rankings for “The Idol Whose Personality Matches the Nickname 100%” were revealed, determined by the votes from different idols. SHINee’s Onew received 1st place with votes from Kara’s Gyuri, FT Island’s Hongki and Fiestar’s Hyemi.

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Onew is affectionately known by Shawols and the entertainment industry as “Dubu”, or tofu. A cut from KBS’s Radio Star was shown and “Dubu” Onew shared the reason for his nickname. “The name Onew itself means gentle, like something that is really soft and fluffy.”

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Other reasons for his nickname include the soft look on his face (without double eyelids). Due to this, Onew has been said to be the representative for the “Dubu Face” trend.


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The members of SHINee have also confirmed that Onew is really soft on the inside, like tofu. The soft leader expressed on a radio interview back in 2009 that he felt he did not take care of his members as well as he should have and that he is lacking in many areas.

But besides the smiling “Dubu” Onew that lights up the area wherever he goes, there is also the real Onew that can put up a cold expression within a moment.

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We here at SFI love both Dubu Onew and the real Onew. That’s what makes him K-pop’s most adorable leader.

Source: SHINeeing Subs
Translated by: debcrazy @ shineee.net


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