[FANACCOUNT/121112] SHINee ‘Dazzling Girl’ Special Showcase @ ZEPP Nagoya 1600JST

Today, there is Minho’s male shawol, the male fan shouted “Minho~~”, and Minho felt really proud. XD
When asked, “Your Dazzling Girl is…?”
Key: Just had an eye contract (laugh) The person came with the hair style as me … laugh.
– Then he pointed at the shawol who came in cosplay as KEY –
Key (-conti-): Hairstyle and make up are same as me, I really like some one who has the same style as me.
Taemin: Let’s get married.
key: I am only 21 years old, I still need consent from my parents (laugh)
When asked, “Your Dazzling Girl…?”
-Taemin walked towards the first row of the fans and held one of the shawol’s hand-
and said, “You are the Dazzling Girl^^;;”
Credit: Kaoru31
English translations: Forever_SHINee

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