[FANACC/121121] Brothers Were Brave music director came to my school and mentioned Onew

Today, there was some mentoring concert thing at my school’s auditorium today.
The mentors were concert director Professor Go Heekyung and music director Jang Soyoung!!
(For those who don’t know, Bros Were Brave, Turandot, I Am a Singer consultant, etc and currently doing Legally Blonde at Coex)
While they were talking to Jang Soyoung, they obviously talked about idols.
Seo Kyungsuk was the MC and he asked who there was so Jang Soyoung said Onew first, then Jessica, then Jung Eunji and etc.

Idols can’t make it to practice due to their schedules but they come with their lines memorized
before the actors who are at the practice room every day and stuff and said they work hard.
That’s why she thinks they can receive that sort of applause and win and lose.

I can’t remember what they talked about after.
But Seo Kyungsuk asked which idol she liked the most out of the ones she has worked with
and of course the atmosphere went a little cold.
There’s an audience and there might be fans of idols who are and are not mentioned
so at first she was giving a different answer
(she said he likes 30 year old artists and stuff
but Seo Kyungsuk was all it’s not like I’m asking about who you love!! kekekeke funny as hell)
She said Onew seems like he works the hardest.
Deep inside, I was nodding my head and going like “as expected of Onew” kekekekekeke

Source: 구미베어 @ SHINee DC Gallery
Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net


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