[FANACC/121123] Precious SHINee @ #SMTOWNSG

As I left the office in anticipation for the concert, I had that pit feeling in my stomach that somehow something bad would happen. It was like Leonardo DiCaprio performed inception on me and there was no way I could weave myself out of that idea. The journey began with my trip to the camera shop to get my dad’s digital camera fixed, and to fulfill my need for polaroid camera now that I’m working. Unknown to my pre-occupied self, the skies outside were beginning to darken, seemingly with the purpose to dampen the moods of every citizen and tourist in the country.
I had the original intention of renting a 300mm/f2.8L prime lens EF mount…that’s kind of like a zoom lens for you laymen. The burning desire within me to take astounding photos of the five shining boys of SHINee was crimson red as I made my way to the camera shop. Disappointment fell upon me as it was revealed that a full cash payment of $1,200 refund would have to be made for first time rentals. I was shocked and bewildered at the staggering price. I had no choice but to let it go…albeit with a heavy heart.

As the two of us walked towards the concert venue, the dark clouds followed in our footsteps. The fear in us kept increasing with each step as the sun disappeared in the sky. “I really think it will rain,” my friend said, her voice filled with worry. “If you keep thinking about the worst, the worst WILL happen.” At least that’s what I told myself to keep a positive outlook.

My friend was right though. Two minutes after collecting our concert tickets, the rain began it’s descent down to Mother Earth as us mere human beings struggled to find man-made shelter. With the rain getting heavier with each second, the prospect of being able to enjoy the concert completely dry seemed implausible. But we kept on believing, and had faith that the first SMTown concert in Singapore would be roaring success.

Okay that’s it with my attempt to make this a short story, I shall make this short and sweet for the rest of the fan account :P

I had been texting another friend of mine who had been in the moshpit queue since 9am on the concert day and she gave me the news that merchandise was already sold out. I was not that desperate to get them but my friend (let’s call her J) really wanted it. Lo and behold, there were two events going on so that fans would win/receive the towel and the light stick respectively.

In order to get the towel, we had to “experience” the Samsung Note II LTE (sponsors want to advertise their products EVERYWHERE) and get the answers right for a music video quiz. I won’t go into detail about the quiz, but it was basically five different music videos flashed sequentially in 10 seconds and you had to match the artist to the song title, and get the sequence right. I won the towel :D
To get the lightstick, we just had to take part in The Biggest Annyeong Wave to get it, really simple. So I can proudly say that we did not pay for any of the overpriced merchandise, BOOYA!

Before I get to the events of the concert, I want to inform you guys first hand that I will only be recounting the moments when SHINee was on stage, no other artist will be mentioned. If you wanna get accounts of the rest, you may PM me or look at other fansites, there’s bound to be plenty of them.

Okay, it’s SHINee time!

I may have gotten the order of the songs wrong because I honestly can’t remember much.
The boys performed Lucifer first. It really got me all excited because nearly everyone around me knew the fanchant and it was such a nice sight for me to see so many people supporting my the boys. I won’t talk much about the performances because frankly, it’s just the same as their performances in other concerts.

Now you people will loooovveee this:

After the performance of Juliette, the boys took a break to introduce themselves and to talk to the audience. The screen on stage left was having a huge technical glitch so it was just black. Bling Bling Jonghyun made light of it and said in Korean, “Screen, please show us something!” It really lightened the mood of everyone in the audience because we were getting rather moody due to the screen. And so they did the usual. Key seemed like he was having a bit of the flu though, his voice seemed a little more nasal than usual.

They continued to talk and mentioned that they would be coming again for their second solo concert after the one held last year. The translator made a mistake in her translation and said November 8th. Being the smart alec that he is, Onew emphasized, “December 8th!” in English! And the members went, “Oh! You’re like a professional!!” in Korean and Onew said in English, “PRRROOOFESSIONALLL!” This is why I love SHINee so much, they are so real on stage.

The time then came for them to introduce their next song. Naughty Minho said, “Our maknae will introduce our next song,” and we could see that Taemin got a little flustered. He went in Korean, “Our next song is….” Then came to the most epic moment of epic moments, “LOOVEE.LIKKKEE.OXYYYYGEEENNNN.”


Yea, so basically those are the highlights of their performance last night.

Key was charismatic as usual during SHINee’s own performances and during Like a G6. This boy really knows how to own the stage! I’m totally in love with his pink fringe!!! It just makes him look more sexy than he already is. He proved to me once again why he is my bias. He still performed with such energy and enthusiasm despite not being in the best condition, hee (:

I was really appreciative of Minho running to the front left portion of the main stage to wave to us at the back during the finale, he’s such a nice guy :D

Onew’s voice was great as usual during the special performance of Open Arms by Journey. He looked so handsome ^^

Taemin’s dance moves can really blow you away like the wind. He is so precise and full of passion for dance he makes every performance look so flawless.

And Jonghyun…le sigh~what can I say? Our residential dinosaur has a body to die for and a goofiness that you can’t resist. It was really easy to spot him during the finale despite my distance from the stage, because only our Bling Bling puppy would be prancing around the stage in such a manner, and those arms!! Who can’t stop those arms??!!!

Oh yes, about the raaiiiinnnn. There were a total of THREE HEAVY DOWNPOURS!! The first one happened two to three hours before the concert, the second one started during BoA’s performance of Only One. And the third one started half an hour after the concert. Even us locals did not expect the weather to turn out like this because usually, if there is one heavy downpour, there won’t be another, much less three heavy ones!!!

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves despite the rain. Two 12 year olds beside us were really kind to give us their extra ponchos when it began to rain again during the concert. We might have gotten wet, some of us may even get sick, but it’s the experience that counts. I don’t think there’s ever been an outdoor concert in Singapore where it rained so much. (There was one National Day Parade in 70s where it was raining really badly but our soldiers still stayed still in attention, my father was part of that parade.)

A huge thank you to all the staff for working in the rain and helping to make it a success!!! This was one night I will never forget for the rest of my life!

By debcrazy @ shineee.net


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