[TRANS/121122] Shining SHINee for SPUR Magazine Interview

presented by KEITA MARUYAMA

Mr. Keita Maruyama who designed the costumes for SHINee’s song, ‘Dazzling Girl’ that was released last month, collaborated with us to produce SHINee’s styles exclusively for SPUR. The styling theme is ‘Tokyo MIX style’ where he used Tokyo men fashion brands to create Tokyo looks. The sparkling SHINee has arrived!

KEITA – I chose a style of clothes that they usually wear, an image of their real clothes. Not that I know how it is like in real life (laugh).

[Key] I worked with Keita during ‘Dazzling Girl’ before, so I’m glad to work with him again since we already know each other. I even tried styles that I don’t usually wear so it’s quite refreshing.
[Minho] Since it’s the second time for us to work together, I could relax a little. I think I might have been troublesome the first time we worked together but he accepted everything well so I’m thankful to him.
[Taemin] We first met when he came to Korea for our Dazzling Girl costume fitting. I remember him as a passionate person.
[Jonghyun] I’m so happy to meet him again after working with him for our music video and jacket shooting. The styles he chose were great so I enjoyed the photoshoot.
[Onew] Just like before, Keita is someone who is delicate and meticulous. I think it’s great how he always pays attention to details.

KEITA – I took tweed items from various Tokyo men’s fashion brands for this season as the main and styled them in an autumn look.

KEITA’s comments
→ Key is a fashionista himself. No matter what you let him wear, he’ll pull it off well.
→ Minho has a perfect style and his figure is like a model. If I were to choose, I’d say he is the type that looks better in a conservative style, so I tried not to break too much of that image.
→ Taemin is very gorgeous. He fits any look, so I tried giving him something with strong characteristics.
→ Jonghyun looks cool with his firm body. He suits both formal and sporty looks.
→ Onew has a strong character. No matter what he wears, he makes it look like it’s Onew’s style.

[Key] Thing that I want most right now is a firm and steady bag that can last long.
[Minho] I’ve been busy with drama shooting so I didn’t have time to shop. Things that I want the most would be… I want to order a suit. Since it’s my first one, I’d order a black one.
[Taemin] Last year while in France, I bought dark blue BALMAIN pants. It was expensive so I was really nervous when buying it, so much that my hands were shivering (laugh). But I felt good after I bought it.
[Jonghyun] Something I bought recently is a grey long coat. Both the material and figure is beautiful. I want to coordinate it with my other clothes. The first time I bought clothes on my own was… I think it was during junior high. But I don’t remember what it was (laugh).
[Onew] I like this coordination the most, especially the shoes. I like footwear that gives off an autumn look. This autumn, I’m fond of shoes so I bought a lot of them. The one I recently bought was a pair of simple sneakers in grey.

KEITA – I want to dress them up in a more mature style, a perfect image in nice suiting. But at the same time, I want to add a little playful mood to it.

The boys who are natural by heart, but professional in their efforts and well trained expressions.
When I was in charge of costume design for ‘Dazzling Girl’, I was with them for two whole days. They’re really good boys with good manners. During the music video filming, despite having to dance the same choreography for ten takes, they maintained their excitement and perfection without any strained look at all. I thought then that they’re great, just like athletes. Also, they’re really, really close with each other. Really. It’s to the point you start to think they must have been together all the time to be that close. Their pureness and decency yet with a hint of playfulness and mischievousness made me think that they really suit the image of men’s fashion that I created. Since they’re still young and fresh, I tried something that doesn’t resemble their image and added something that may not fit them that much. They each have quite a distinguished character so I tried to emphasize it and add a difference to their characters at the same time. That’s what I thought when I did the styling.

[Key] My recently bought outfit is my Halloween costume. It’s a Joker costume. I’m going to wear that, along with having my hair and makeup done for a party. (Other members cut in, saying that they didn’t get the invitation) The other members don’t know about the party (laugh).
[Minho] First thing I bought myself ever since I was born? Before then, I always went shopping with my mother. But when I was in my 6th year of elementary school, I bought a pair of Nike sneakers for the first time on my own through Internet using money that I’ve been saving. It was the Air Max 95.
[Taemin] Since it’s my second time working with Keita, I was able to interact with him comfortably. He chose items that suit us for this time as well. I like this coordination the most.
[Jonghyun] The first expensive thing that I bought was a Givenchy T-shirt. That was when I was 20. Among the styling that we donned this time, I like the one I’m wearing right now the most. Even the size is perfect with me.
[Onew] About two years ago, when I was buying myself clothes for the first time, Key brought me to various high end shops in Seoul. I bought a lot of clothes so I can’t recall what they were.

Source: SPUR magazine
Translated by: red @ shineee.net


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