[TWIT/121230] Key was mentioned in Hyosup’s Twitter


오오 우리 기범이 잘나옴 에뛰드 왁스 모멘트:나쁜남자 컨셉

Ohoh~ Our Kibummie next Etude Wax Moment: Bad Guy Concept

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[TWIT/121230] Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Twitter – mentioning SM 7 (Includes Taemin & Minho)

Because of his busy schedule, we took this photo without Yunho hyung but SM 7 & Beatburger Shim Jae Won, Hwang Sang Hoon!!! Everyone worked hard despite being busy~ It’s been a while since got to enjoy dancing!! Someone edit in Yunho hyung please kkk

Credit: AllRiseSilver
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[FANACC/121230] SHINee & f(x) opening stage collaboration pre-recording for MBC Gayo Daejun

They made a medley of 3 songs: Rocketeer by Far East Movement, My first kiss by Katy Perry and Move like jagger by Maroon 5.

They recorded 3 times. They were stages on the side of the public where they started on.
They were seperate first in Duo, Key & Sulli on the right stage, Taemin and Krystal on the left one, Minho & Amber on the center in the middle of the public.
Amber & Minho began to sing first with Rocketeer, they were very cool (Minho and Key were with sunglasses) , then Key, Sulli, Taemin and Krystal went on with My first kiss.
They all joined the boards of the main stage and then Jonghyun appeared, singing Move like Jagger with Luna then Onew with Victoria.
All the members joined on the main stage to finish the song all together and finally posed in a cute way!

When SHINee came on stage at first they were very happy, Jonghyun couldn’t stop to wave with a big smile. Key almost tripped in the stairs but didn’t get hurt. Amber and Minho seemed very accomplice, saying jokes and all. He even said “SHINee f(x) FIGHTING!”
At the second shot Taemin was playing at waving to the fans to make them screamed and Key and Sulli were laughing at him.
At the end of the second shot, they thought they finished so they were saying goodbye, and finally they had to do it again so Onew (or Jonghyun) said “We’re going to do it again!” And all Shawol screamed^^
During the breaks Jonghyun was singing alone in the backstage , singing his part (he even asked Shawol to sing with him when he was going to perform)

At the very end then all went on stage and bowed at the fans, they said “WE ARE SUPER JUNIOR” with Super Junior sign hand, it was funny~
Before leaving stage they thanked Shawol asking them to come to cheer them up at MBC Gayo Daejun tomorrow.

Credit: SHINee France



Credit: KBNye
When minho sang llamaste song, kibum told him to be quiet ㅋㅋ

jinki made strange voice jokingly, then minho lowered his voice “lee~jin~ki” like that ㅋㅋㅋ ah then, when they finished 2nd recording, jonghyun asked if they were asked to do it once again? At the ending they greeted fans by saying happy new year, onew said hope fans will spend their christmas pleasantly next year…ㅋㅋㅋ
Taeminnie danced with krystal as if they were pretending to kiss ㅜ

Credit: 노르웨이 @ shinee dc gallery || English translations: sagyehan
There’s a part of “whoooooouooou~” (t/n: srsly idk how to type it exactly LOL) in moves like jagger. Jonghyunnie sang along to that part, he said “kibum your tone is so high, you know?” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ jonghyun lowered one or two octave of key’s tone. the tone turned out like a voice of depressed person. so it became “huuuu….” (t/n: again idk how to express it through typing orz) like that…

Credit: 긍정유동 @ shinee dc gallery || English translations: sagyehan


Onew shouted ’ SHINee WORLD I LOVE YOU ’ really really loud at the end.

via: sagyehan


Key & Sulli were at the stage on the right, Taemin & Krystal were at the left, Minho & Amber were in the middle. Minho and Key were wearing shades. First it was Minho and Amber who sang Rocketeer; followed by Taemin, Key, Sulli and Krystal who sang My First Kiss; lastly it was Jonghyun, together with Onew, Victoria and Luna who sang Move Like Jagger. At the ending SHINee and f(x) gathered together and showed a cute pose.

SHINee were very happy on stage today! Jonghyun kept waving while smiling; Key tripped a little on the stairs but he didn’t injure himself; Minho and Amber were happily chatting away. Minho said “SHINee f(x) fighting”; Taemin kept waving to the fans and made them scream while Key and Sulli were laughing at him. Lastly Onew(or Jonghyun) said “we want to do it again”, SHW who were there screamed again

While they were taking a break, Jonghyun was singing his parts alone backstage. Before Jonghyun proceeded with the rehearsal, he still asked if SHW wanted to sing together with him.

Credit: 4ne21 || English Translations: sojonghyun

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[INF/121229] SM Entertainment’s dance unit ‘SM The Performance’ releases “Spectrum”

SM Entertainment‘s dance unit ‘SM The Performance‘ released their single, “Spectrum“, on the 30th.

‘SM The Performance’ consists of TVXQ‘s YunhoSuper Junior‘s Donghae and EunhyukSHINee‘sMinho and Taemin, and EXO‘s Kai and Lay.

Fans were able to catch the highly anticipated group perform a remix version of “Spectrum” for the first time during the ‘2012 SBS Gayo Daejun‘ held on the 29th. It has been revealed that the song’s choreography and performance was created by renowned dance team, NappyTabs, which previously collaborated with SM artists for BoA‘s “Only One” and TVXQ’s “Humanoids“, as well as BeatBurger, a DJ-team consisting of SM Entertainment’s performance directors and choreographers.

“Spectrum” is a cover of a song with the same name that appeared on DJ Zedd‘s second single. The track is an electronic dance track which showcases the strong performance skills of the dance unit.

Check out the full audio of “Spectrum” below as well as ‘SM The Performance’s debut performance if you missed it!


[INF/121228] SHINee’s Taemin and Kim Won Jun to collaborate for the ’2012 SBS Gayo Daejun’


SHINee‘s Taemin and Kim Won Jun will be holding a collaboration stage for the ‘2012 SBS Gayo Daejun‘.

The theme of the ‘SBS Gayo Daejun’ this year is ‘The Color of K-Pop’, and the producers of the show have worked hard to incorporate the various colors of each idol group into collaboration stages. KARA‘sHara will be performing with Kim Wan Sun, and 2NE1‘s CL will be performing with Sung Si Kyung.

Kim Won Jun also revealed that he would be working with Taemin through his Twitter account. He shared the above photo and also wrote,

Source: Kim Won Jun’s Twitter Via:  jennywill @ allkpop

[INF/121228] Onew wins first place in the Candypang Battle contest, claiming a prize of 10 million won

Onew has been righteously crowned the victor of WeMade Entertainment’s Candypang Battle contest! As many have noticed, Onew has been religiously devoted to the battle, tweeting screenshots of his scores every so often throughout the past month.

The contest was open to all celebrities and a variety of stars participated in the contest which took place from December 5th to December 27th. It not only attracted celebrity participants but also involved fans who could support the ideals by leaving comments through SNS. The official winners of this contest have been announced today on the 28th.

Onew’s monetary winnings from his triumphant victory amounts to 10 million won ($9338~ USD), accompanied by the special prize of a 10,000 Candypang hearts coupon! Second place went to 1kyne of Electro Boyz, and third place went to gagman Moon Kyubak.

A huge congratulations to our devoted gamer! His score screenshots can be found below.

Source: Osen
Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net

[NEWS] SHINee members Onew and Taemin rank high in V-Channel rankings

Entertainment channel, Channel-V, recently revealed their rankings of the Best Male Group Leader and SM’s Most Angelic Face, and our very own soft dubu leader Onew and adorable maknae Taemin made it to the respective lists!

Best Male Group Leader:
1. Super Junior’s Leeteuk
2. Big Bang’s G-Dragon
3. TVXQ’s Yunho
4. SHINee’s Onew
5. 2PM’s Jun-K
6. Infinite’s Sunggyu
7. EXO-M’sKris
8. BEAST’s Doojoon
9. EXO-K’s Suho
10. 2AM’s Jo Kwon

SM’s Most Angelic Face
1. Super Junior’s Leeteuk
2. SNSD’s Seohyun
3. EXO-K’s Luhan
4. f(x)’s Krystal
5. EXO-K’s Suho
6. SHINee’s Taemin

Source: SHINee Tieba
Written by: debcrazy @ shineee.net

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