[NEWS] Minho and Patti Kim practice their aegyo together on the Patti Kim Show



SHINee appeared as guests on the most recent episode of Patti Kim’s Show. The boys dressed in black and silver clothes, showing off their charisma as they performed one of their hit songs, Lucifer.

After a heated performance, they sat down for a talk with Patti Kim and host Shin Dong Yup. The chat started by praising the veteran singer Patti Kim. Key, who spoke last, said that Patti has a beautiful mind and earned a flying kiss from her. Taemin got to display his beautiful voice after being asked to sing Patti Kim’s “Once the April”.

The conversation continued to Minho’s aegyo. The members boasted about his aegyo sets, which Minho denied being good at. Minho then demonstrated a cute bbuing bbuing to Patti and received a bbuing bbuing back from her.

Near the end of the talk, the male host asked Patti Kim which member she would choose if she were to be young again. Patti Kim cleverly answered she would choose Key for Monday, Minho for Tuesday, Taemin for Wednesday, Jonghyun for Thursday, and Onew for Friday. The whole set exploded with laughter.

The talk ended with SHINee thanking Patti Kim for letting them become a part of her show. SHINee ended their appearance by performing their hit track Sherlock.


Source: Krisbrow04
Written by: ScratchMyTofu @ shineee.net


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