[JPMOB/121207] Jonghyun & Key Japan Mobile Site Update

Hello to everyone visiting the fansite.
We have entered December 2012!
This month, starting from Minho’s birthday, there are a lot of exciting days to be enjoyed such as the release of both new single 「1000 Years, Always be by My Side…」 and LIVE DVD 「SHINee THE FIRST JAPAN ARENA TOUR “SHINee WORLD 2012”」, Onew’s birthday, SHINee official club event, and Christmas! (0^^0)

So today we’ll deliver to you a slightly cute episode during the exciting MV filming right away.

“Eh? The train isn’t coming!” said Jonghyun and Key as they were waiting for the train.
Those two were trying to freshen up from the sleepy morning by waiting for the train to pass by.

Then, as the long awaited train finally passed, they both said, “Good morning!” and “Please work hard for today as well!” while waving their hands!
No one in that train would have seen them but they still waved till the end (laugh)

Source/Credit: minoutshine
Translated by: red @ shineee.net 


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