[FANACC/121216] Meeting Onew in curry restaurant, Jonghyun in EMOK cafe



(T/N: This is by a Japanese fan who went to Korea by herself for Key’s musical.)

Right now, I’m at the curry restaurant where Onew comes often, and he’s here! Onew is beside me.. what do I do.. I feel like dying.

Onew’s here, awesome, I’ll die, Onew’s here…

He’s barefaced, wearing the usual cap. This is too great, I cried. My hands are shaking.

My tears won’t stop. I was wondering for the chance to see Onew in Korea, glad that I met him.

What a shock, as I turned around when I got seated, Onew was beside me. My friend didn’t notice him.

I could only take the picture of his back. He’s cute when he was eating. He’d take a mouthful and keep chewing.

Dear God, thank you.

Everyone, thank you. God, thank you.

(T/N: This happened about an hour after the first encounter…)
Wait, Jonghyun’s here. This time he is in front of me.

Eh, Jonghyun’s here?

What’s happening to me today? T_T

Jonghyun is in EMOK cafe. Minho usually comes here too.

I couldn’t take Jonghyun’s pic, but our eyes met. T_T he smiled… he noticed me T_T

As I got inside the cafe I already noticed that he’s here but I pretended that I didn’t know him while taking out my signed photo, singing as I walked behind him… Then, as my friend left the table for a while leaving me by myself, Jonghyun’s eyes met mine for a few seconds. Even after that our eyes met a few times… He went back by car, alone.

He had a nice scent. A really nice scent. In the end, he smiled as I gathered my courage and called his name.



Source: hatamg
  Translated by: red @ shineee.net
Shared by: SHINee Town

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