[FANACC/121224] SHINee World J Fan Club Event in Chiba

2:00 PM Event

Q: What is Jonghyun’s good points?
Onew: His veins are quite good, the blood can flow well
Taemin: His feet are big
Minho: Big head with big face
Key: he is a good guy who gave me presents
Source: whoischrisma
Translated by: yenn_yy

When they talked about Jonghyun’s good points, Minho was like “erm~~ erm~~ this….” So Jjong said angrily “ya! you can’t think of any?!”
Source: whoischrisma
Translated by: yenn_yy

What are Taemin’s good points?
Minho: “He can be cheated easily.. look at Taemin’s face, you will tend cheat him although you don’t have that intention originally…”
SO key concluded, “it’s because you are a bad guy”
Source: whoischrisma
Translated by: yenn_yy

MC: “What are some delicious food in hokkaido?”
Taemin: “Kobe beef! Kobe beef!”
Jonghyun: “It’s Hokkaido!!! *laughs*”
Note: Kobe is far away from Hokkaido. LOL.
Source: lilylylylyly
Translated by: jas_ramblings

They were asked to talk about taemin’s strengths ..
Comments like ” gullible ” , ” great body line and thus fits every clothes well ” ..
Onew : ” like chopsticks ~^▽^ “
Source: Cbaby__Br
Translated by: bling_saur

When they talked about Jjong’s good point..
Key: “erm, there isn’t a specific point that I like… Ah! he bought me presents!”
Jonghyun: “you like the presents,not me right?”
Key: no, people who buy me presents are good people..”
Source: katen1015
Translated by: yenn_yy

Onew’s good points = His airport fashion is always very simple/plain, he is like a father, he is good in playing games, there was once he wore his dad’s clothes …
Key: “I am not joking!”
Taemin: “I really like onew-hyung”
Source: kaoru31
Translated by: yenn_yy

What do the members think about jonghyun’s good points? After thinking for a long time &—#62; thick neck.
Key: “I don’t know what are jonghyun’s good points after 2-3 years of our debut.”
Source: Cbaby__Br
Translated by: bling_saur

What did they do last Christmas?
Key: “last year…. (I) drank champagne~~” Onew was saying softly at the side, “not shampoo~”
*the pronunciation of ‘champagne’ and ‘shampoo’ are similar in japanese -.-
Source: katen1015
Translated by: yenn_yy

(SHINee members had to draw each other)
Taemin drew Minho with one eye swollen.
Somebody: “That is Minho when he is tired?”
Taemin: “I’m drawing (how) minho (looks like in the) morning.”
Source: ___eri___
Translated by: bling_saur

What are the local food they like?
Jjong: “Minho this kid, no matter in osaka or tokyo, he only likes eel rice!”
“How about in hokkaido?”
Jonghyun: “hokkaido ya?”
Minho: “Eel rice!”
Taemin: “I like Kobe beef!”
Source: whoischrisma
Translated by: yenn_yy

Minho: “Our Onew hyung, his airport fashion = old man style, there was once he borrowed his dad clothes to wear!” Jongkey laughed after listening to that…
Source: whoischrisma
Translated by: yenn_yy

121224 when they talked about Onew’s good points… Onew said it first “I am very cute!”
Source: whoischrisma
Translated by: yenn_yy

Compiled by niciang @ shineee.net


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