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[INF/130130] Onew, Key, and Taemin’s Barcelona travel guide revitalized into an Ebook for Android phones

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Last year, Onew, Key, and Taemin’s adventure in Barcelona was condensed into a useful travel guide book and titled “Sons of the Sun”. The book showcased pictures of the trio exploring Barcelona while providing readers with memorable stories and guidelines for those who wish to travel to Barcelona themselves.

For the new year of 2013, the book has been revitalized into an easily buy-able phone application. SHINee in Barcelona is the first episode of two, the other episode being f(x)’s Victoria’s trip around Macau and Hong Kong. SHINee’s new app is currently available for Android phones. SHINee’s Ebook is available for 5,000 won on the Google Play online store.

Application Information:
★ Travel Episode (Enhanced Ebook) ★
A Collection Of Travel Stories by Celebrities!
SHINee in Barcelona has been updated!

Only in the Travel Episode (Enhanced Ebook)!
– Video clips of celebrities taken during their trip!
– Tasteful designs, tempting layouts!

[Series of Travel Episodes — Episode 01]
ONEW, KEY, TAEMIN and K(Travel Writer)’s excursion around Barcelona
– SHINee in Barcelona (Information): $ 4.72 (VAT is not included)
– SHINee in Barcelona (Essay): $4.72 (VAT is not included)

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[INF/130129] BoA talks about working with Taemin for her Disturbance MV

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On January 27th, BoA held a press conference at the Seoul Olympic Hall for her first solo concert in Korea, ‘BoA Special Live 2013~ Here I Am~’. On the topic of Taemin’s appearance in the music video for her new single, ‘Disturbance’, BoA expressed, “It was a lot of hard work trying to choose a innocent looking face.”

The music video revolves around a couple facing difficulties with their relationship. BoA was asked why she chose Taemin to fulfill this role to which she replied, “I was looking for an actor with an innocent yet masculine image. Many people recommended Taemin so I got to film with him. Maybe that’s why the music video came out sweeter than I expected. I think a lot of fans will be jealous but I hope they’ll see it nicely.”

She shared that she heard the two of them came out quite affectionately on the jacket photos. They worked hard to display that tender image. Boa expressed her gratitude and said, “We were really tight for time while filming the music video, but SHINee provided an immense load of help so we were able to finish safely.”

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[INF/130129] Changmin mentions Jonghyun in TVXQ’s interview with 10asia

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If ‘Catch Me’ is a performance with a perfect concept, ‘Humanoids’ feels like it’s less intense and more relaxed within a generalized style of choreography.
Max Changmin: Tony Testa had to express the rage against a lover who is trying to leave with his ‘Catch Me’ choreography so I thought, ‘Ah. We must be the only people this guy is doing this to.’ (laughter) But then I saw Jonghyun’s expression in SHINee’s ‘Sherlock’ and I could see that he had asked Jonghyun to show intense emotions on his face as well. On the other hand, I felt like I could be more relaxed and enjoy dancing to ‘Humanoids’.

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[TWIT/130129] Onew Update

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@skehehdanfdldi: During break, you have to run while cutting through the wind!

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@Famous_Jae: @skehehdanfdldi Run more

Nueva Imagen

@skehehdanfdldi: @Famous_Jae haha^^

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@Famous_Jae: @skehehdanfdldi Run and come to where I am. I’ll buy you something tasty keke

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@skehehdanfdldi: @Famous_Jae  Wow, what a great offer

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@Gucne: @Famous_Jae @skehehdanfdldi Sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi

Nueva Imagen

@Famous_Jae: @Gucne @skehehdanfdldi Then you’ll buy it for us..

Nueva Imagen

@Gucne: @Famous_Jae @skehehdanfdldi I’ll treat!!!!!

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@Famous_Jae: @Gucne @skehehdanfdldi Woohoo~ Majingko, let’s get the expensive ones.

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@Gucne: @Famous_Jae @skehehdanfdldi Eat before you come out kekekekekekeke

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@skehehdanfdldi: @Gucne @Famous_Jae Yep, alright

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@Gr9242: @skehehdanfdldi So this is what the Katalk invitation was for…..

Nueva Imagen

@ryanjhun: @skehehdanfdldi I got it because of you. I’ll run on lonely days kekeke

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@as01155: @skehehdanfdldi What kind of game is this.. You sure ran a lot..

(T/N: There’s a game called Wind Runner on Kakaotalk. Onew sent his Kakaotalk friends an invitation to the game.)

Source:  @skehehdanfdldi/@Famous_Jae/@Gucne/@Gr9242/@ryanjhun/@as01155

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[TWIT/130128] Onew’s ttakbam strikes again

Another victim of Onew’s ttakbam?

KBS TV announcer, Han Suk Joon uploaded a photo of his forehead after being ttakbam by Onew, he tweeted,”I got ttakbam from SHINee’s Onew. Really strong. It’s been a few hours but even now……”

Onew appeared as guest in the latest episode of KBS Quiz show “1 vs 100” . He once again showcased his strong ttakbam skill and left everyone who had or hadn’t seen it amazed over his powerful fingers.This episode will be aired in February.

Netizens commented,”Onew indeed has strong fingers”,”You’re so brave to be ttakbam by Onew”,”I can see the red mark on his forehead”

Onew’s famous for having many personal talented, especially his ttakbam. Onew’s victims include Yoo Jae Suk,Park Myung Soo,Leessang’s Gil,Supreme Team’s Simon D,Lee Seunggi,etc


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[INF/130125] SHINee’s Onew trained for musicals with heels?

Director Jang Yoo Jung revealed that she prepared SHINee‘s Onew for musicals with heels.
On the January 25th episode of tvN‘s ‘Kim Mi Kyung Show‘, the musical director and writer shared a behind-the-scenes story from the 2010 musical ‘The Brothers were Brave‘, which was Onew’s musical debut.
Jang Yoo Jung called Clazziquai‘s Alex out to the stage and said, “You have to have a goal to your dreams.” She then asked him to grab MC Kim Mi Kyung‘s high heels, which caused him to come to the stage more quickly than before. The director explained, “When we have a goal, our movements become more clear and defined.”
She then revealed, “I also trained Onew in this way with heels.”


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[NEWS/130125] BoA to release MV for “Disturbance” starring SHINee’s Taemin

After the release of the album cover of the upcoming single “Disturbance“, it has been revealed that BoA‘s brother Kwon Soon Wook has once again featured as the director of the MV, showing support for his sister.
BoA will perform and unveil the music video for the new single for the first time during her solo concert, ‘BoA Special Live 2013 ~Here I Am~‘, on the 26th and 27th.
To make the music video even more special, SHINee‘s Taemin, who was seen posing as a couple with BoA on the album cover, will also be starring in the music video along with BoA! The two have already shown their chemistry during their performances of the soloist’s latest single “Only One“, and have fans hyped up to see them coupling up again.
BoA’s first solo concert will be held at the Seoul Olympic Hall on the 26th and 27th. For those who can’t attend the concert, “Disturbance” will be released on music sites on the 28th.


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