[FANACC/130106] SHINee, Exo, F(x), and Super Junior at wedding

Today, I went to a wedding of a oppa I know. My family, especially the sisters in families knew each other well Oppa is a song writer/producer so the guests were fun I enjoyed viewing them. Krystal and Luna passed by me I asked Krystal to take a picture with me and the manager scolded me ㅠㅠ Krystal was wearing a coat kkkkkkkkkk I was surprised seeing SHINee Taemin and Minho Celebrity like a celebrity Kangin lost a lot of weight.. so cool kkkk I was very excited I heard only SHINee was coming but Exo, F(x) and SJ all came. I think they are saying Hyung, congratulations on your marriage Luna told the bride she is pretty and gestured for her.. she(Luna) appared to be kind kkkk all the guests were taking a picture and one member of SJ later said “Excuse me but I don’t know where to look ><” so everyone laughed. Today was like an awards ceremony Was a fun marriage thanks to oppa I cant reveal any more pictures than this..

Sc: Naver Blog

Trans: NKsubs


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