[TRANS/ 130108] DJ Onew @ Kiss The Radio


Translation might not be 100%! 🙂 

1)Hello Radio show , Radio seconds . Radio DJ Onew is here. Our beloved Leader joon is here on a cold winter as KTR’s special DJ and again bringing us the warmth . Really thankful to him 

2)Dana noona asked Onew what’s his feeling being the special DJ , Onew said that he’s nervous , and he asked noona who’s better Himself or Key, Dana noona said Key goon, and Onew straight away said Onew!! 

3) when the music was playing , it’s Brown eye girls <How Come> , Onew sang ‘oh my honey’ 

4) Sukira’s speed quiz part. Today’s question is “What is the full name of this radio show?”. While the song is being played, listeners just have to send a text of the correct answer to qualify. DJ Onew participated in the quiz too, and he was using his left hand to count if he typed the correct number of words for the answer >< 

Via: taebits 

5) it’s another question of guessing the song name , Onew sang <Drunken Truth> 
‘Drunk truth’ is the song that Onew once sang at 1000 Song Challenge

6) Onew’s new year wish : he said that his new year plan is actually having a party wish his family , but it didn’t come true 

7) 2nd part of talk time. Guest Beige noona asked onew if he’s still staying in Dorm, Onew replied Yes, Noona then asked did you guys clean the dorm. Onew laughed and say: ‘of course we didn’t clean up the dorm, every time before sleeping will think, it’s a little dirty time to clean it but after thinking i fall asleep 

8) Dana noona mention Onew’s Candypang receiving the first for 
artist , Beige noona ask what’s his trick. Onew say i will work hard… so that’s nothing, it’s just during free time overseas i will play it. (ps. during the show Onew was coughing , Dana noona pat 
his back! Thank you noona) 

9) A fan send in a message asking’ Jinki oppa caught a cold?drink more hot drinks, Onew said i’m having a mild cough . Thank you 

10) During -RA.D’s <Mom> Onew sang along to this song. the 2 lines of lyrics that he sang to ‘Mum, you gave me the world as present,mum, i will be good to you, Mom By just calling your name why does my heart ache like this?

11) Onew said that ’ tomorrow i will be alone as Special DJ actually, but there will be someone to work with’ and he didn’t say who will he be working with 


Chinese translation ; tsconditional English Translation : Forever_SHINee [2]

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