[TRANS/130109] DJ OnKey @ Kiss The Radio


*Translation might not be 100% right*

1) Onew asked key —- how do you see if a person is rich. Key said ’ i will see if he owns alot of toy at home. Onew said’ i will see if their house has 2 Santa clause, Key went silent for 3 second 

2) While revealing some quiz ans, ans was SUJU’s KTR , it’s 12 letter in Korean, Onew said that it’s 16, and he mumble to himself saying why did i said 12 as 16 , Key quickly say ’ because you counted phone number in as well’ 

3) after special Guest has finish singing , Onew & Key said ; how can you both continue singing after a eye contact ?’ once we made an eye contact we will laugh out. 

4) There’s a fan who send in message saying ’ Our DJ Onew’s voice sound as warm as latte , DJ Key’s voice sounds fresh . Both DJ need to be responsible to me. Onew said although i can’t be responsible to you but i can give you a mobile coffee discount voucher. 

5) adding on to the front : After Onew finish reading that message he said ’ oh let send this audience mobile discount voucher, Key straight away say ’ it’s mobile coffee voucher 

6) one of the lady guest sang Sung Si Kyung – The road to me , a listener send a message in saying she would like to hear Onew sing one part of it , Onew said his vocal isn’t good maybe he can’t reach it , Key said it’s ok everyone will understand just sing a short part of it , Onew tried once but he didn’t sing , and he sang a lower octave version 

7)Onew said – When he make a mistake on stage, like sang other’s part wrongly , you must pretend that nothing happen and carry on and no one will spot your mistake hahaha 

8) J rabbit sang SHINee’s song , Sherlock ,Lucifer ,Love like oxygen remixing it together, Guitar version . Key accompanied a little . After they ended their short performance , Onew said ’ this is totally different from what we sang, soothing . 

9) J rabbit say ’ we remix 3 song’, Onew said from Sherlock to Lucifer to Love like oxygen and to Lucifer and sherlock’, the guest said ’ wow how can you be so accurate you’re good , Onew was a little proud , Key came in and say because it’s our song! 

10) The male guest was born in 1990 , Onew called him dongsaeng , and he didn’t call him hyung , and a audience send a message in asking him to call onew hyung, he shyly called him 😀 

11) Audience sending in message saying’ both DJ came as Special DJ was long ago right, Key said the previous time we came as fixed one was 3 and the half years ago , that time you’re still under age right . Onew sway his hand and say ;no no during that time i am not an under age adult , Key said but now you’re Pentium 3 

12) during the end , Onew say next let’s give everyone SHINee’s <Honesty> and end today’s programme . Key say ‘no more time let’s kiss everyone and end’ Onew say i wants to sing for everyone , Key said let’s sing, Onew sang a line , and shyly laughed .




Chinese Translation : ; tsconditional English translation : Forever_SHINee [2]

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