[TWIT/130108] Jonghyun – January 8th

Just tell me come on~~~

Nueva Imagen

Picture Translation:

Oh my, look at this kid. What could he have done to get beheaded?

The text in Jonghyun’s tweet are lyrics to SNSD’s I Got A Boy. In their lyrics the phrase means ‘Why did she get her hair cut’, but he used it to mean beheaded

Nueva Imagen

He has the same personality as I do

Nueva Imagen

Picture Translation:
Taken from the diary of a dog.
8AM – I ate dog food! I really like dog food!
9:30AM – I rode in a car! I really like riding in cars!
9:40AM – I went on a walk! I really like going on walks!
10:30AM – My owner scratched me! I really like it when someone scratches me!
12PM – Lunch! I really like lunch!
1PM – I played in the yard! I really like the yard!
3PM – I wagged my tail! I really like wagging my tail!
5PM – I got dental treats! I really like dental treats!
7PM – I played with the ball! I really like balls!
8PM – I watched TV with my owner! I really like watching TV!
11PM – I went to sleep! I really like going to sleep!

Nueva Imagen



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