[INF/130125] SHINee’s Onew trained for musicals with heels?

Director Jang Yoo Jung revealed that she prepared SHINee‘s Onew for musicals with heels.
On the January 25th episode of tvN‘s ‘Kim Mi Kyung Show‘, the musical director and writer shared a behind-the-scenes story from the 2010 musical ‘The Brothers were Brave‘, which was Onew’s musical debut.
Jang Yoo Jung called Clazziquai‘s Alex out to the stage and said, “You have to have a goal to your dreams.” She then asked him to grab MC Kim Mi Kyung‘s high heels, which caused him to come to the stage more quickly than before. The director explained, “When we have a goal, our movements become more clear and defined.”
She then revealed, “I also trained Onew in this way with heels.”


by elliefilet @ allkpop
shared by_ onewsangtae


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