[TWIT/130128] Onew’s ttakbam strikes again

Another victim of Onew’s ttakbam?

KBS TV announcer, Han Suk Joon uploaded a photo of his forehead after being ttakbam by Onew, he tweeted,”I got ttakbam from SHINee’s Onew. Really strong. It’s been a few hours but even now……”

Onew appeared as guest in the latest episode of KBS Quiz show “1 vs 100” . He once again showcased his strong ttakbam skill and left everyone who had or hadn’t seen it amazed over his powerful fingers.This episode will be aired in February.

Netizens commented,”Onew indeed has strong fingers”,”You’re so brave to be ttakbam by Onew”,”I can see the red mark on his forehead”

Onew’s famous for having many personal talented, especially his ttakbam. Onew’s victims include Yoo Jae Suk,Park Myung Soo,Leessang’s Gil,Supreme Team’s Simon D,Lee Seunggi,etc


Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

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