[270213/VID] SHINee’s Comeback is mentioned in peruvian tv show ‘Cinescape’

SHINee is mentioned at minute 8:01


This is the long awaited comeback of the south korean band SHINee, after making all the fans from SMTOWN wait, they released the first single from their third album ‘Dream Girl’.

This is how we could have Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key and Onew, in fun scenes and great outfits while they sing to us about this dreamed girl. As it says at the beginning of the song…SHINee is back!

Source: Cinescape

Credits and Trans: SHINee Peru Fan Club (shineeperu.com)


[TRANS/130225]SHINee’s “Thanks To” and Photocard Messages in Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You

Thanks To

This album was made together with many staff members.
Of course our fans’ support is the base^^ Thank you very very much. We will keep racing forward^^
To all of those who know me, thank you very much and I love you.

I hope that those who listen to our music will be able to find deeper emotion through this album..
Be happy, be angry, be sad, enjoy, love, hate, hope.. Let’s show our extravagance! Emotional extravagance!
I hope this album will be the best item of extravagance to the people who know us,
and also to all the people who will come to know us in the future. Thank you.

Our 3rd album has been released.
I am studying day by day. I will become a person who is not arrogant but is always looking back.
I will always be prepared and live a hardworking life in order to not disappoint those who like us. I love you.

6 years have passed since I was born as Minho in a group called SHINee…
Looking back at it now, the time could be seen as both short or very long.
Walking a difficult path while laughing, crying, being sad, and being happy with the members
have been the happiest days in the world. Now, we will be walking a new road once again.
On the stage that’s filled with many people’s cheers… Until the day we always shine…
Because our movie is still progressing^^ We’ll keep going on together, right?
I sincerely thank the many SM staff members who helped to release this album.
I wish I could tell each and every person… I feel so sorryㅠㅠ
And to our members who are always beside me, thanks so much and I truly love you~
Lastly^^ Mom, dad, and hyung, thank you so much for always staying with me and for being my strength.
I’m so happy to be mom and dad’s son. Thank you~
I will continue to be a humble Minho who always works hard and improves.

Thank you for always loving us.

Photocard Messages

It will be a better year than you think!

Buy two more copies~!


Let’s make even more awesome memories~! You are all our Dream Girl.

-No message-


Translated by: papiermache & kimchi hana @ shineee.net

[INF/130224] SHINee wants to be good role models for rookie artists

Backstage at KBS 2TV‘s ‘Music Bank‘ on the 22nd, SHINee‘s Minho opened up about his group’s latest comeback.
Minho shared, “I think we came back with a bit of nervousness due to the pressure to excel. Although [‘Dream Girl’] is good, it is more spectacular when you see it with the performance. I think more people will like it after seeing us perform. Rather than trying to go above people’s expectations, we are trying to show a new style of performance.”
To make up for SHINee’s 11-month hiatus, Minho shared his plans to be active in Korea until fans eventually get sick of him (if that’s ever possible) and revealed, “We plan to conduct many activities in Korea this year. I personally want to do a lot of it. We plan to perform in Korea until people get tired of us and say ‘why don’t you start performing overseas?”
Minho also wants to be a role model for rookie singers stating, “Upon seeing more and more rookie singers, I think to myself ‘I should work harder and show a better side’ so that we can hear that we’re good seniors and we want to be good role models.” It seems SHINee have already accomplished their goal of becoming good examples by recently proving why they’re masters on stage.




Credit: allkpop

[Me2Day/120223] Key was mentioned in Kim Ji Min’s me2day

[KIMJIMIN2DAY] 저희 무슨 사이인지 궁금하세요? 궁금하시면 ~~다음주 가족의 품격(풀 하우스)!!!! ^—^ 아웅!

Wonder what is inbetween our questions? Wondering ~~Next week’s Dignity of Family (Full House)!!!! ^—^ Aung! 


Credit: Kim Ji Min’s me2day
Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee

[INF/130223]EXO catches SHINee’s attention!

SHINee revealed that the rookie group that caught their attention was EXO.
SHINee held a comeback show on February 20th for their 3rd full album which was held at Seoul Bangi-dong Olympic Park Handball Arena. On the same event, a short interview was held as well. One of the reporters asked the group which of their hoobaes (juniors) caught their attention to which the members replied “EXO. They are awesome!” simultaneously, revealing their affection for their labelmate, EXO.
Choi Minho also revealed that when they were promoting Sherlock last year, they were shocked by the number of hoobaes they had, though they knew the group name, they did not know who was who among the members.
Meanwhile, SHINee is back with ‘Dream Girl’ and will continue promoting on various music shows.



Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net
Credit: dkpopnews