[INF/130201] SHINee wins big, claiming two award trophies at the 22nd High1 Seoul Music Awards

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SHINee has proven that they are one of the best in the K-pop music industry by claiming not one, but two victories at the 22nd High1 Seoul Music Awards! The awards ceremony is said to be one of the big four music award ceremonies in Korea, alongside the ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards’, ‘Golden Disk Awards’, and ‘Melon Music Awards’.

The event was held at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium on the evening of January 31st. SHINee arrived at the red carpet, looking handsome in their blazers and formal shirts. What caught the attention of the fans was the change in hairstyle for the all the members, which built up excitement for their planned comeback in spring, as revealed by Minhoin a recent interview with a High Cut magazine.

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The first trophy awarded to SHINee for the night was the honorable Bonsang Award for their mini-album, Sherlock!

This is their second Bonsang for Sherlock and the fifth Bonsang over the course of their impressive five-year career. Fans cheered them on as they walked up to the stage, and screamed even louder when Onew expressed his humble thanks to SHINee World.

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SHINee then went on to claim the victory of the Popularity Award! They were voted to 2nd place a week ago. Jonghyun could not hide his excitement as he made quick steps towards the stage to receive the trophy. Members Key, Taemin, and Minho did not forget to express their gratitude to the staff and the fans, promising that they would continue to work hard.

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The audiences were then treated to yet another flawless performance of SHINee’s hit, Sherlock! A special introduction of Note accompanied the winning idol group as they made their entrance on stage. With every single member giving it their all, the performance concluded with a bang while fans cheered the group on.

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A huge congratulations to SHINee for yet another glorious win, and for many more to come!

Source: 22nd High1 Seoul Music Awards

Written by: debcrazy @ shineee.net


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