[INF/130211]SHINee’s Wonderful Day No-Cut Edition to be aired soon!

‘SHINee’s Wonderful Day’ has been aired on the 10th and showed the trip of the members in different countries. Each member was given 4 days and 3 nights to enjoy their break and do whatever they wanted. 

All of you enjoyed the show for sure, but the one that was aired on the 10th has a lot of cut because the show was aired for 1 hour only. The good news is, ‘SHINee’s Wonderful Day’ will be broadcast once again with no-cut and set to air 10 episodes on MBC Music. This program will show Onew in Thailand, Jonghyun in Japan, Taemin in Switzerland, Minho and Key in England.

Starting on February 12, you can watch the no-cut edition of the show at 11PM (KST). The show will be aired every Tuesday.


Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net

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